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If All would believe in what a young, innovative, fresh mind could achieve and gave proper platform, guideline and supervision, All young people All over the world would dedicate their best .This is not always the case, as so often, new ideas are viewed as threats by people who have stayed longer in Organization and you may find yourself kicked out. Most young ones are jobless not because they cant do anything, but either because there was no platform or if there was it was 'killed' along the way. Give young ones a chance, mold them to be better people! Killing there innovative minds makes them fill less important while in real sense We are needed in Organizations.

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Through it all managed to complete my high school and was looking forward to great future.Enrolled in a college and lucky anough got my first job being given small amount.

Being you and with the will be be better in future started attending evening clases to upgrade my qualification and true to it, got another better opportunity and another came along.

Last but not least joined  a great company after going through intensive interview. With all hope to better Future. This had to be cut short since one of the directors felt i was a challenge and therefore i had to be kicked out. Just like any other young one, i felt dissapointed when later they Company paid me for wrongful termination.

What does this mean??? It may not only be me but lots of young people across the world that have gone through this. Even though i picked up myself and never lost hope in getting another, many young people loose hope!!!  Or rather it takes them long to pick up and move on.

My key learnings
1.To the young people; You are all great with all great minds and untapped potentials.You only need to believe in yourselves and make yourself better.
2. To the Seniors/ Supervisors/ Employer; Believe in us, show us the direction and we will get there. You will not have time worrying of unemployment since we all will be at work busy doing the best and being a motivation to the others behind us.


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