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Voice Message Board for Young People to Find Local Work

Using our Interactive Voice Response technology, vAutomate we have conducted research with 5000 young people across Northern India to understand the challenges they face finding work. Our major results showed that upwards of 80% of young people reported being unemployed (!!) and second that their ideal work would be found in their local villages and towns. What if there existed a voice message board where local people could post local jobs and young people could call in to hear about jobs in their area? What if large companies, BPOs, and government could use such a job board to recruit for local work? We imagine our research phase as an opportunity to dive deeper with our existing research in the design of such a job board.

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We at Mobile Vaani work in remote locales primarily in rural India. What inspires us is the potential of all of our users and the hope they have for making their lives more prosperous. What we struggle with is seeing that potential go to waste due to a lack of opportunity. Additionally, we see so many young people having to leave their families and support systems to seek work in urban areas. What we would like to see is an improved system for creating local employment opportunities and we see this as a possibility because using technology we can aggregate demand and supply for local work. 

Giving a voice to young people to share their skills and experience with the job market, we hope will inspire more companies to provide and source employees in local villages. Another potential result of our innovation would be that local people will be able to hire young people in their area looking for work.


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