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Tyba has created relationships with over 700 European companies, creating a high potential youth employment pathway.

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Tyba was started by a group of undergrad students at IE University in Spain. The idea is simple, a LinkedIn for youth. This basic use of information technology in addressing youth unemployment was long overdue.


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Dave, this is a great share! Tyba is a great way of looking at how the traditional job application process has been adapting to new technologies and the needs of a new generation. I think the aspect of allowing young people to express their individuality is often downplayed by many companies. I'm glad to see how Tyba is using storytelling to better match young people with their dream jobs!

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Thanks, Shane! What's really exciting is the potential for a talent industry redefinition born from youth talent solutions--specifically as you say "storytelling." How many of us feel like the typical white paper online application process doesn't capture our worth? You know the drill: add work experience; dates from the pulldown menu; upload CV for the bot to load into the interface; etc. The scalability of visual storytelling is tremendous!

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Yes, absolutely! I can see that you already have some thoughts on how to take the storytelling aspect of this to a new level. Looking forward to what might come of this idea in the next phase!

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Thanks for sharing this!
Check out this idea from the Creative Confidence Challenge. It is great and sparked lots of conversation within this community!

Dave your comment on redefining the recruiting industry via youth solutions is very important. In 10 - 15 years the now 21 year olds will be reviewing resumes and making decisions on who to employ and why. If what youth value in themselves is different from what they are being judged on the change will need to grow with young people as they advance within the work community.

Like Shane I am excited by the potential for this in the ideas phase!

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Thanks, Bettina! Yes, the ideas phase will be fun--can't wait!

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