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The Skills Youth Need for The Life They Want!

MHA Labs starts from the day you are born to the day we celebrate your first job promotion. In between, we train every person in your life to help you understand your power and help you grow 35 core building blocks skills. MHA Labs is a movement of youth, parents, teachers, counselors, college advisors, workforce developers and employers dedicated to growing skills needed for success. We believe when everyone takes one small step, entire cities can grow a skilled-up generation. Check us out at, new website about to launch!

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MHA Labs stands for the means and measures of human achievement. Our singular focus is to build and translate the 21st century skills of young people towards personal, community and economic success. 

MHA Labs’ long-term goal is to help youth development systems become more effective at producing an equitable pipeline of 21st century college and career ready youth. This vision is not unique to MHA Labs but our pragmatic blend of collective impact, systems engineering and high quality tool design may offer results not realized by other system approaches.
MHA Labs does not focus on developing new policies though we inadvertently create them. We do not require organizations to transact better together, though we often accomplish this.  We do not require organizations to commit to anything, though our commitments are strong.  Instead, our strategic goal is provide every adult working with a young person a set of simple skill-building strategies.
By incrementally adding skills engagement in daily life, we radically increase the number of adults providing 21st century skills learning and feedback. For example, when every teacher in a school adds just one collaborative activity a year, youth experience a multiplier effect of up to 8 collaborative skill-building experiences. When a large entry-level retailer asks supervisors to give regular feedback, 1000’s of employees begin to learn on the job. When a parent closes each day with a positive skills affirmation, children get 365 days of parental inspiration. 

MHA Labs is the manifestation of a three-year grassroots movement to radically improve the 21st century skills development of youth and young adults from cradle to career. Our researchers and users collaborate to better understand how 21st century skills develop across the lifelong learning spectrum from early childhood through employment. Our designers and users then translate research findings into practical, meaningful products that improve individual achievement and system outcomes. With over 1000 partners strong, we are growing an empowered and skilled generation. 

Key Insights...

Young people have a right to aspire along a path of their own making. The future of our citizenry and economy depends on these aspirations – for the dreams of today are the innovations and solutions of tomorrow.
All stakeholders, including youth, peers, parents, educators, counselors, youth workers, employers, and policy makers share a mutual obligation to produce the core building block skills needed for youth success.
Young people exist in a social and economic context where hard work and skills may not be enough.  We must not pathologize these youth as failures but work to remove the structural barriers to their success. 


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