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The man who inspired Ray Charles

Ray Charles talks about his mentor: "From time to time, I'd start hittin' the keys with my whole fists and finally he would say to me, "Look kid, you don't hit the keys with your whole fist like this (demonstrates), if you like music so much," and he knew how much I liked music because I'd stop everything I was doing and listen to him. So he started to teach me how to play little melodies with one finger. And, of course, I realize today that he could've said, "Kid, get away from me, can't you see I'm practicing?" But he didn't. He took the time. Somehow he knew in his heart, this kid loves music so much, I'm going to do whatever I can to help him learn how to play."

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- People are living longer, therefore they are working longer years
- An oversaturated job market leaves no space for young professionals, companionship and learning curves. 
- Youngsters know how to develop projects in group, however they are all in the same phase when it comes to applied technical knowledge.
- To find a mentor who is willing to share and inspire a young professional in their workplace is a very hard job, specially in a increasing digital competitive market

What moves people to share between one another? 
How are we inspiring our 16 to 24 year-olds?

To be continued...


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Thank you "old friend" for your post. Enjoyed your framing. On the one hand we could summarize this insight as "mentorship" about which there have been several other posts but you seem to have brought out something else that is critical - and it seems that David K. below (or will it be above after I post?) has keyed onto it. The twin demographic challenge of youth and longer lifespans - much has been written about both.

See this interview with Paul Irving about the "upside of aging":

We have the example of the man who inspired Ray Charles. Are there any examples of programs that have tied these two demographic challenges together?

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