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Teach them to MAKE a living!

My personal story: I was able to get food on the table by being a freelance web developer when I was 'jobless'. I am an engineering graduate and web development is something I totally self learnt from the Internet. I think schools should emphasise practical skill sets in current Information Age and encourage youth to be freelancers while studying to gain realistic working experience.

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We are moving to a post-industrial era, an Information Age. The curriculum conducted by many schools are old-fashioned, and unfortunately not much useful in 'making-a-living', or even enable our youth to kickstart early in working society. There are several important skill sets one can easily pick up but intensely undervalued in schools. For instances, accounting, graphic designs, marketing, database, and SALES! If these skill sets can be taught through the Internet, why don't we do it in schools? In this context, I am referring to early jumpstart in secondary level.

Also, finance is such an important tool to survive in our society but totally disregard in schools. No matter engineers, artists, or dancers, basic understanding of financial ideas can lead to huge impacts in life. For an instance, many friends of mine do not understand the effect of compounding interest and choose to drag their payment for as long as possible. Now they are suffering from their mistakes. Give it a thought, how many youth nowadays actually do personal financial planning?

Knowledge is power. To improve youth employment rate, we need to equip them with power and that has to start from the fundamental, education. Teach them the rules on how to play the modern games, let them build their own first aid kits, and train their minds to see what are fatal in life.



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