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SEED Philippines: Immersive education in the countryside for future social entrepreneurs

"SEED Philippines provides education for students in the rural countryside to prepare them for opportunities in the field of social entrepreneurship." The first campus is the GK Enchanted farm (, a unique social enterprise laboratory in the Philippine countryside. Dubbed as a farm village university, it has successfully incubated start-up social enterprises in the past three years and is now applying the lessons from this experience into building a senior high school curriculum through SEED.

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School for Experiential & Entrepreneurial Development: SEED Philippines

Millions of people are living under the poverty line in the Philippines and do not have access  to quality education. The Philippines is the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, yet only 50% of high school students go to college and only 14% graduate.

Meanwhile, the best and the brightest students leave the countryside to pursue employment in urban cities and abroad due to lack of opportunity. While there are notable academic institutions in the country, they are often located in urban cities; disconnected to the greater majority who are in the rural countryside. 

SEED Philippines, opening in August 2014, will be the first school for social entrepreneurship in the country to serve as a model for rural development through education and hands-on learning mentored by an international team of social entrepreneurs and innovators. It will 
prepare students to create social enterprises that will develop rural areas through job and wealth creation.

SEED Philippines aims to provide educational opportunities for poor, yet bright and talented, high school graduates in the rural countryside to prepare them for lifetime opportunities in the field of social entrepreneurship. It will serve as a pilot that will be replicated to provide a quality education to thousands in rural communities across the Philippines.

The school is located in rural Angat, Bulacan at the GK Enchanted Farm, Gawad Kalinga‚Äôs platform to raise social entrepreneurs, help our local farmers, and create wealth in the countryside. In partnership with the Philippine government and the private sector, and with 
strong linkages with universities in the Philippines and abroad, we intend to raise 500,000 social entrepreneurs by the year 2024 to create patriotic business with a big social relevance and focus on agri-business.

Our Mission
The School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED Philippines) provides the best education for those with the least opportunity. Using a holistic approach, we unleash the potential of bright and talented students to grow intelligent hearts and compassionate minds. Through servant leadership development and experiential learning, we incubate the future social entrepreneurs of the Philippines.

The two-year curriculum will combine hands-on training with academic courses that promotes critical thinking and leadership development.

Source: SEED Philippines 


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Great to have you join our OpenIDEO challenge from the Philippines, Karl! We'd love to hear more about your experience working towards the SEED program. What have you found challenging so far, what has surprised you, what are you most excited about the work ahead, what is most daunting? These knights could be really useful to share with others here so that we can learn from your experiences towards our collaborative thinking ahead of our own upcoming Ideas phase. Looking forward to seeing more of you across conversations on this challenge...

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And hope that you're ok that I used my Community Manager superpowers to sort out the spacing issues in your post :^) I think something went wrong when it was copy and pasted across. If you want to make any further updates, just hit the Update Entry button on the right of your post.

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Thank you for editing it, Meena. I was having trouble copy-pasting it from my files. I am not working full-time for the Farm and for SEED anymore so I posted it under "Identifying Success". Currently getting more inputs from the people now running it so that I can share them here. Thank you and see you too. This is a challenge that we are very passionate about.