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school-to-work transition

During a workshop on design thinking, I explored the theme: school-to-work transition. Summary of the interview with a recent graduate: - She thinks it would be better to confront with real projects, at school. - She feels that three-month internship will not be enough to fill the gaps and to get to know. - She need to do practice to understand what she likes and get in contact with the world she is interested to. - She feels that it is too late to make a specific school for what she likes. Insights: - The practice helps to test their passions and eliminate wrong knowledge. - The practice needs a long period of time and specialized schools. For those who have already finished their studies, the schools are too demanding.

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After a series of interviews I have identified this problem statement:

"A student who is beginning his university course, who has an idea of what he likes, but he does not know fully his attitudes and his passions, he needs a way to quickly test and put into practice the theoretical teachings. Because the practice helps to understand the applications of the theory and facilitates the emergence of deep passions."

The attached presentation contains the transcription of the interviews and insights::


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Malaysian Practice Enterprise Center ( runs a very interesting 6 weeks program that helps students transition from school to work. Student work on non-existent virtual enterprises moving from one dept to another (eg. from accounting to HR). The work given resembles work they would encounter. By working across dept, student figure out what they are good at and what they aren't. I think that kind of program is something which would be useful for students Daniele interviewed.

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