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"Rubanomics"-Rural Urban Economics

The perceptions and myths regarding the rural markets are being shattered today with the emergence of a new breed of rural youth & consumers – with urban levels of access to information, hungry talent looking for opportunities, entrepreneurial spirit and global aspirations. They are the New Rural-Urbans or “Rubans” RUBANOMICS is a construct that head-held-high have coined, to understand the economics and business models for the Rubans to drive their economic prosperity!

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 I really like the idea that we need to change our lens with which we are seeing unemployment among today's youth especially rural youth, only then we can solve this epidemic of unemployment. I even believe that we need to unleash rural potential and embrace  lokvidya (" local knowledge existing within individuals") so that we can drive rural prosperity. 

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Couldn't agree less. Rural youth are mostly underemployed.. Tho most of them are engaged in family and households enterprises. people living in poverty can't afford to stay unemployed coz they need to survive.