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Reinvigorate community and infrastructure with obligatory social works

Society benefits from useful youth. The Austrian & Swiss models of social works programs similar to FDR's Public Works and Works Progress Administrations.

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The potential for greater understanding and tolerance increase as people work in new and different fields. New & different in terms of types and locations of work. FDR reinvigorated the economy and society simultaneously with the development of infrastructure.


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Great share Kai! During FDR's era, the development of infrastructure created new job opportunities. I wonder what would be the equivalent for the current generation? The growing green energy industry and reviving the agriculture industry are two areas for new employment that have been identified so far. What might be some other opportunity areas?

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Thanks, Shane. is a grass roots level organization that cultivates international relations and understanding through nutrition, globally. Can we apply this model to address high unemployment among youth, to simultaneously build vital infrastructure, from the autobahn to the infobahn? The recent Napa earthquake prompts thoughts of Clinton's Public Works initiative, and his visit to LA earlier this year ( An interesting challenge would be to create a compelling mechanism for student's educational costs to be offset by their participation in public works, perhaps through subsidies? An exchange program, so to speak... What do you think?