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Red Compass will provide Career Guidance & Support Program focused on vocational skills for youth from low income backgrounds

Red Compass believes that a large scale skilling initiative, such as what India needs, cannot achieve success purely through the scaling of training centers and infrastructure, but also by addressing two foundational requirements simultaneously availability of a willing and trainable labour force - individuals who understand the possibilities that skills provide and are motivated to pursue the possibilities with commitment a support system that facilitates and fructifies the skilling process for the individual. Red Compass's focus is the delivery of these foundational requirements through integrated initiatives that focus on the individual.

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National Council for Skill Development headed by the Prime Minister of India, setup in 2008 set the skilling of 500 million people by the year 2022 as its target. Red Compass's goal is to help underprivileged youth to benefit from this demand. However, translating this potential demand into an opportunity is a challenge because, most of the demand is expected to be for semi-skilled and above, and only an estimated 5% of the youth in India are vocationally trained. We believe that this low enrollment for vocational training is due to the following barriers that must be addressed wholistically:
- lack of reliable information about career possibilities and the requisite skills for those careers
- lack of motivation (Exposure to role models is limited/non-existent)
- weak placement support (job placement systems for vocational skills are inadequate)
- weak financial support – (inadequate formal financial support for vocational skilling)
- weak social support – (lack of encouragement at critical junctures)

Red Compass focuses on a core question - How do we ensure that an 18 year old school 10th or 12th grade pass/dropout 
a) knows about potential professions 
b) identifies the profession that he/she can commit to
c) is motivated to acquire the skills required for the profession
d) reaps the economic and social benefit of acquiring those skills?

Instead of addressing skill acquisition in isolation, we treat it as part of an integrated requirement that includes motivation, awareness and timely support. Our program addresses the above question in its entirety through a set of integrated initiatives. We use custom produced videos, to provide introduction to professions. We organize interactive sessions with potential employers, skill providers and successful practitioners. We arrange one-on-one counselling sessions where the parents/guardians are included. Assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses, leading to career suggestions and innovative financial support linkages are part of our process.

Our program is both End-to-End and Continuous – leading up to the first job as well as career upgradation.

Individuals who understand career options, the possibilities that skills provide and are motivated to pursue those possibilities with commitment, form the foundation for any skilling initiative. Red Compass focuses on creating such informed and empowered individuals, through integrated initiatives that provide end-to-end support for the individual. Our initiatives aim to achieve the following: 
- tackle low/uninformed aspirations by providing exposure to relevant careers
-  help the individual understand her aptitude, interests, constraints and advantages and make relevant career choices
- include families in decision making so as to ensure their continued support
    - identify skill /qualification gaps that need to be addressed
- match the individual to the right training providers
- provide the necessary encouragement and morale support, from admission through graduation
- provide timely financial support, through relevant entities (Govt, Bank, MFI ) and innovative funding models
- ensure jobs relevant to skills and interests through partnerships with employment agencies, job portals, NGOs and employers

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