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Open Borders: Visa-Free Work Abroad

Goods can travel visa- and tax-free, why can't people?

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Why is it that inanimate objects have more mobility rights than people? International free-trade laws have allowed for the free flow of material goods across international borders, but people are required to obtain visas to do the same. 

This is particularly an issue when it comes to people being able to move from a place without jobs to a place with plentiful job opportunities. Employers sometimes want international applicants to have the necessary visas before applying for a job, but their countries often require job placement before they will issue the work visa. 

It's a Catch 22. Free and open borders, however, would allow for young people to legally move to where they can get jobs. 


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Do you have any suggestions? I have a cool idea now.. but cannot implement it in the US :( Take a look at Social Getwork and I am on H4.

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Hi Priyanka! Sorry, what is "Social Getwork" and "H4"?

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Social Getwork is one of the winning ideas -

H4 is a dependent visa status that I on a temporary work visa holder.

The situation is that I am eager to take things forward but I am not allowed to work in the US. Would love to here about your say.

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Thanks for the clarification, Priyanka!

It's indeed a neat idea, for which I have many questions:
* Do you plan for this venture to be for-profit or nonprofit?
* What is your planned budget? And how many users will it take to break even?
* Why would the social-media sites allow you to access and collect information about their users?
* How do you map social-media interests to actual jobs? (Is there evidence that people who like a specific sports team on Facebook are well suited for a specific position?) And what evidence is there, if any, that one's social life (or non-professional likes and dislikes, such as what one posts on Facebook) can be correlated to their professional interests?
* How do you measure impact? Perhaps this last one can be addressed by refunding the advertiser half the ad fees if the person is hired through the app, but there's also a lot of abuse potential with that. Still, it's important to have a plan to figure out if you're being effective.
* Does the app address the problem? In other words, are youth unemployed because current job-seeking apps don’t work well? Or are there other reasons at the root of youth unemployment?
* How is what you propose materially different than what’s out there already in a very crowded field? Aside from the big ones (CareerBuilder, Monster [and its BeKnown app], LinkedIn, Indeed), a number of sites already mine social-media data for jobs purposes:

Hope that you find that useful.

All the best,

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