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MOOC as a Piece of the Puzzle

MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses ( The MOOC scene may have its fair share of skeptics, and rightfully so. When MOOCs are used as competition or even heavy supplement to university learning then the faults are obvious. However, if free MOOCs could be provided to teach young people specific skill sets for vocational applicability then they might find their niche and young people might find a valuable venue for learning. The links below are a couple more examples of MOOCs in their typical usage.

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MOOCs had a fair amount of hype a couple of years ago. Lots of energy  flowed and is still flowing around the concept. There are several venerable EDUs making some of their more popular courses publicly available as MOOCs (Stanford and Harvard come to mind -- see CS50x for a really good example).
Young people need work; work requires skill; MOOCs can provide skill. 

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Thanks for the great share Chase! Massive Open Online Courses is definitely a great way of spreading skills and knowledge to people on a wide scale. Some online courses that I've taken still teach materials through ways that are modeled after traditional brick and mortar universities. For example, the online courses are taught through videotaped lectures while the assignments are submitted as exams and essays.

I wonder how MOOC can revolutionize education in the future to better prepare people for employment. For example, would involving a company and students in a crowd sourced challenge create better connections between employers and job seekers? It'd be interesting to look into how online courses have created successful employment opportunities. I'm excited to see how this can influence the Idea phase!

You might also be interested in checking out the example of SenseiHub that was shared by Aditya's post: