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Looking for love in all the wrong places

-I feel like I can do a lot more for companies, than what responsibility they are offering at an entry level position -my traditional college experience seems to give me a piece of paper to get in the door rather than anything useful -what is useful is skills I've learned like design thinking, or how to distinguish a small business in todays market, or anything project based that has real world use -it seems the only way to do anything of meaning is to start a small business -most business seem to lack ethics, and make me worry about find a job where I would be contributing to what an organization that is causing problems in this world

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- does the work your way up model destroy the resources our youth have to offer, by the time they get in a place where they can have an impact?
-is the traditional college model broken and producing people that are just trying to get through school rather than learn things of value?
-is experience doing ____ a broken way of recruiting new talent?
-what can our youth offer in important decision making processes?
-what will it take for schools to change from the business of knowledge acquisition and testing to skills and resource development?


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Hey Matthew, I share your sentiment. I think businesses miss a huge opportunity when they think of entry level workers as labor. Youth today are a great source of fresh ideas. We have very different skills and interests from our employers which we could probably use to add a lot of value to a business but that isn't always taken advantage of .

The graphic is absolutely spot on. Everyone is innately capable but our system rewards people who fit well within it and neglects to take advantage of those that fall outside it.

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I got a chance to sit in on some meetings of vice presidents and business department head as part of an internship at a community college, it seems that the pursuit of a career to the point where one has impact conditions out the capacity for innovation in this case and others I imagine