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IBUKA community - ( Kenya's young designers emerging )

The Ibuka community is a student-led initiative that empowers young creatives by availing them with engaging platforms to showcase their talents, sharpen their skills and build thriving networks among themselves and professionals in the arts and design industry. Initiated students from University of Nairobi, School of art and design, its a movement that causing change in the country's creative sector , amidst calls for more sizable investments in Kenyas "creative economy" .

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Meet Simeon Kamunde and his team. It all starts when they join University of Nairobi as Fresh men in the design school late 2011 and notice a gap in then the times school of Art and Design community, " they are constantly producing artworks for their course work but beyond the grades they dont have a ready accessible platform to showcase there works to the public and other artists" They saw the need to collaborate and leverage of the collective resources at hand- a large pool of creative fresh talent and prime space at the design school to bring together designer and engage in positive design related influence. And this turnout alright with the Schools administration joining in and offering them support and networks.

How can we help the young men and women get over the fear of the first step and venture out? Often communities we live in are complete ecosystems often equiped with enough resources for all to enjoy. How do we create a curiousty to try out new things and venture into the unknow?


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Loving the collaborative nature of this. Makes me wonder about how we might help youth see collaborative pursuit of employment as a potential avenue – rather than the usual approach of individuals seeking to jobs? An exciting opportunity area to explore further!

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Well framed Meena, am eager to find out the impact of this kind of collaboration,