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How to find a new job...

I have not..not yet. I think most of us if you are not an L - Directed thinker find it difficult to find a new job. I sent countless e-mails with no or small responds because companies saying that Design Thinking or Design Management sounds excellent opportunity, but they simply cannot fit into their corporate culture. So here is the think: what should you do? Study what you want to do or study what will help you to find a job? I am from Europe, so it is a bit difficult to find open-minded companies. Not impossible but it is really makes you think to what to do.

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I was using and still using professional websites and other people help but still has not been succeed lately.


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Hi Ferenc,

Nice post. You have explained a bitter experience. Youth has to identify its own potentials, resources and thinks of creating self-employment through which one could be able to create employment to a few others.

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Hi SYEDA, thank you for the feedback, and yes you are right, I am started to identify my own potentials, and this is why I created my own business. If you have time please feel free to send me your feedback about what I have done until now. The site is not completed, but still better than nothing :)
Best regards, Ferenc

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You are a great fellow, you decided to create your own business. Not everyone is capable of that. Usually, when people are faced with unemployment they simply give up, and you acted much bolder, this is commendable, I hope you have a thriving business with passive income, good luck to you :)

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