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Hire Based on Solving a Challenge not Static Background Info

Gap Jumpers is a new company that attempts to match organizations to future employees around an actual brief that shows skills, know how, approach, and both soft and hard skills. It's pretty awesome and feels more human. Find them here:

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Linking people's skills to employer needs can be tricky when you are basing it off a piece of paper or even a one hour interview. Why not dive deep and to the point around the kind of work that is going to need to be done, problems solves, opportunities seized. does that. That's why I agreed to be their advisor—having looked closely at the skills gap as a design thinker and tackling the challenge.


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On a large scale, this can flip the way we view employment over on itself - in a a very effective way. As many companies and people are becoming involved in more than a single, narrow specialty, they begin to require more than a single type of employee. Fortune 100 business consulting firms are becoming startup hubs and tattoo artists are also photographers and graphic designers.

If a design consulting firm like IDEO needs someone with financial expertise (being biased here as I'm in finance) who also has broad knowledge in design, a lot of people who are deeply involved in finance don't think to look at design consulting firms. On the surface, without deep knowledge of the field, you think design consulting = branding, marketing, graphic design, product design.

This GapJumper form of connecting skills with positions takes out the top layer of assumptions and goes directly to the skills needed for a job that could be in a number of industries one might have never thought of.

TL;DR: GapJumpers as a form of communicating jobs needed, directly with people who have the skills for the job, rather than the pedigree for the industry, could revolutionize the way this and the next generation find employment.

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Thanks Alex for articulating the issue we're trying to solve much better than I could have myself.

There are so many discussions around the issue that I'm disappointed that I didn't encounter you guys much earlier during the birth of GapJumpers.

You may also like the thread here on Linkedin in the design thinking group about the same problem of transforming the hiring process.

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