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Have Passion , Character , Skills ,Education and Knowledge but no job . No longer . Be HIRED.

Lets meet five youth. Tiko from Kenya has CHARACTER. A big smile and a big heart but no job. Mitch from Detroit has a PASSION for cars and knows them backwards but is not employed. Anna from Rome has SKILLS in that she can cook and is very organised but jobless . Martha has an EDUCATION from Harvard and numerous degrees but no work. Greg has an inquisitive mind and innovative thinking but he is unemployed . The five youths came across a practical employment system called HIRED. Tiko is doorman at the city Hilton. He is laughing. Mitch works for a car company. He owns it. Anna is a pastry chef at a two hatted restaurant. She could retire. Martha is an astrophysicist. Greg is an inventor with NASA . All HIRED.

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HIRED is a conceptual employment system with potential merit for unemployed youth. Potential candidates for work are scored in the domains of PASSION, CHARACTER, SKILLS , EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE. These scores are then available for employers to find candidates for employment. Employers have their own scales of what attributes and skills they are looking for. 

Mitch is known by everyone to drive cars , at being an excellent mechanic except for a potential employer. Mitch puts the people whom he has helped onto HIRED and their testimonials earn him points which could land him a job.

Tiko's manners and smile are noticed but instead of being dismissed an employer, trained  assessor or business provider acts as a scout and logs points under the domain of CHARACTER. Tiko may not have an education but his personality can land him a job when the manager of the Hilton logs on and views his points and profile .

Anna has no funds but she would like to improve her pastry skills. She is given points for her SKILLS by her home economics teacher and later she swaps these for credits at a free open learning program or for a discount at a college or chef school .

Martha has an EDUCATION and scores highly in this domain but has not succeeded with her job applications. With HIRED she is noticed and gains employment. 

Greg has achievements which can not easily be quantified but when he logs on to HIRED he is able to fill checkboxes of a list of his attributes which are appealing to NASA and he is hired.

If someone is close to landing a job but does not know what is missing the development of HIRED would enable that youth to have an idea of what is required as well as allowing employers to encourage youth to complete tasks, skills or courses to improve their chance of being employed.

HIRED would be more beneficial as collaboration and networks develop. Scores could possibly be exchanged for job interviews , discounts at learning institutions as well as the gaining of work experience. 

Work experience supervisors could score youth according to a developed template and extended work experience could be translated to possible job offers. 

Youth in the far corners will with time have access to HIRED through use of the internet , via their tablets or phones. Training courses could be delivered to students in rural areas via electronic methods. HIRED could be linked to companies and employers that have ties with crowdfunding sources and youth with high scores could have access to funds for educational scholarships.

HIRED would bridge the gap between the informal sector and employment. Encouraging a positive rewards system with the obtaining of points and a scoring system  would build self esteem and allow youth to land a job rather than waiting for a phone call if they have been successful . 

HIRED would be a dynamic system continually evolving and definitely improving employment opportunity and opening pathways to help young people succeed. 


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