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Google Entrepreneurs: Campuses for Building an Idea into a StartUp

Google is creating support networks for Entrepreneurs all over the world. These physical "campuses" provide a place for entrepreneurs to gather and share ideas. Google also offers all of their services and capabilities to help people start their business.

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Google Entrepreneurs provides a support system and direction for young entrepreneurs. They host "start up weekend" with varieties of resources available for people trying to create their own start-ups.

I am not clear exactly how Google is involved financially in these start ups, however it appears they do offer funding for certain ones.

With the myriad of startup resources these days, as evidence by many of the research posts in this Open Ideo challenge, it seems that there needs to be a better communication network to students to get them involved. Even if students were to hang out at one of these "campuses" on the weekend and lend a helping hand...think of how much they would learn about starting and running a business! And about innovation! 

I also wonder what it would look like if large companies in other fields were to take this same approach. What new ideas, jobs and opportunities could these kinds of frameworks offer to younger people?


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Thanks for sharing this Selina! It's great to highlight how Google has created a support system for young entrepreneurs. In addition to providing resources, this program has also created an actual campus to cultivate the start-up culture. Being immersed in a physical environment where young people can gain more exposure to innovation is a great thought.

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Hi Shane,
I absolutely agree! I think that in-person collaboration at a physical location...and the fact that they are creating a network of physical locations around the really interesting.
Thank you for sharing the research on Practice Enterprises as well!

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