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Global Youth Employability Now! A transformative employability education and training program helping to develop and built young people's capacity across the world to move and grow into work.

Across industries and continents, the skills required of young people in the job market are remarkably similar. While jobs have more or less 'technical' content, the majority of them require generic skills which ensure that an individual can function in a work environment, can learn, reflect and improve. Global Youth Employability Now! links both in-school and out-of-school youth with businesses to help develop young people's employability skills and career awareness, thereby reducing unemployment and poverty. It comprises a series of 15 session plans describing learning activities that have proven engaging for a wide range of young people in various education and training settings in the MDCs and LDCs

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How can young people - deprived of good quality employment opportunities and higher education pathways - prepare themselves best for today's world of work? This question is at the heart of the work of the GYEN Project,
though three sectors of engineering/manufacture, automotive components and servicing, and hospitality, are selected for frontline participation in the this project, this idea is to build capacity in the training of generic employability skills not confined or specific to any sector. i.e self-management skills, teamwork skills, problem solving,business and client awareness, communication and literacy, application of numeracy, application of information technology and positive attitude skills.
The activities and associated trainings are laid out in a sequence of three one-day workshops, five sessions per workshop:
‘Engage Me’ – practising employability skills.
‘Employ Me’ – presenting yourself to an employer.
‘Enterprise Me’ – planning how to keep or change a job. 

The training activities are highly interactive, intentionally inclusive of learners with weak literacy and geared towards immediate, end-of-day certification rather than formal accreditation. The training uniquely engages young people by involving local employers and employees.  Focusing on generic employability skills, this training is relevant to all sectors of employment. 



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