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Feel the pain!

If you are truly an empathic person and have the gift to sense other people's life, you might agree that it is like riding on a roller coaster.

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You can feel how emotions goes up and down.... and sometimes it doesn't seems is going to stop. And from our interviews, we got that people from time to time just want to relax and enjoy the ride.

Two examples:

Young Generation Y: [18 years old boy]
He feels his future is uncertain, one more year to join the university. He likes two careers, system engineering or software developer. He already knows that unemployment rate is higher than ever, to get a real job he needs to start without receiving money, if he is lucky after one year of intern can join the company. If not, he possibly will need to do a Master, again join as an intern, and try to get a basic job with an educational high qualification. He thinks already about those 7 to 8 years of pain, so he is looking for a quick road: two years of some degree and start looking for simple jobs, grow and see what happens.

Experienced Gen Y: [35 years old woman]
She has been working on human resources department since 7 years, that job is not fulfilling her. Her responsibilities are not challenging her, she feels stuck. She is looking for other options but new positions has low salary due to the crisis, so at the end she stays at her current job because her responsibilities: mortgage, car, rent of the flat, credit cards, etc, etc. She has realized that what she really want to do and is very good, is to paint. But, she is on the dilema: "How can I leave my actual job and make a living from my painting?, with all the expenses I have to face every month"

Both cases/scenarios can be very painful. The good part is that both want to find out a way of changing it. The attitude is the key.

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