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Empower Unemployed Youth towards strong and stable Global Economy- A journey from dropout to job to Right to Work Foundation.

Friends around 1-1/2 yrs ago i was working with Tata Group, due to some physical illness i had to resign my job,later on after getting fit, i tried hard to find new one but somewhere, it was disappointing every time. That's the time was very critical i faced in my life, because people around you ask every time about your job, and your work but somewhere they criticize you and sometime motivate. it's up to you how to manage all this, and try to focus yourself in a positive direction at all. In spite of all these things, my unemployment experience say's that Be calm and take your time to decide what is best for you, than do it in a excellent way. Today's i'm self employed, i started what i wanted to do... Empower Unemployed Youth @RTWF

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During my unemployment days i started to do sth. to escape criticism i.e. a survey has been done in 31 villages in India alone. It was really socking for me when i come to know the real figure of unemployment just in 31 villages out of 7 lakh i.e. 7500 young people i found out of work and there was no social protection to assure their life.
It was the turning point of life that inspire me to do sth. for unemployed youth because their was a lot of room for improvement i saw at that point. Then after with a new energy and curiosity i analysed last 10 years data has been collected by ILO (International Labour Organization), World Fact book and NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization) - finally i found 285 million unemployed youth till 2014 living in India only & if i talk about the world including India it's becomes an extreme critical situation , just like an atom bomb.

A critical situation like this raises some question in front of us, what'll happen to them?, how they would survive? and what will be with next generation? What we can do for them? and How?

But every time i found something unique idea to solve this issue because this is one of the biggest issue in the World that leads several other issues simultaneously i.e. poverty, illiteracy, low standard of living, poor economy and increases social costs and economic costs.

Being an economist i look after the Unemployed Youth and Global Economy, and spent a lot of time to develop a new methodology that can change the chapter of inflation into our books i.e. Inflation Control Method & Indirect Tax Collection Method (ICM & ITCM). It will help the Nations to control inflation for a long time and raises revenues from public and other factors and also increases the purchasing power of the people under bounded rationality.

Somewhere down the line more revenues can build a stronger economy and help to reduce Unemployment.

Finally i wish to all of you plz look after of this critical issue and help to each other to provide and generate employment as much as we can, and be a contributing member of society and an asset for your country!!


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