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Employers are willing to hire people without college degrees so long as they have...

As part of an independent study project during my graduate studies, I interviewed employers in 5 industrie: Clerical, Sales, Manufacturing, Health Care, and IT. I focused on these industries because the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 63% of the jobs with the highest growth between 2010-2020 will not require a college degree. Of these jobs, most of them are in the first 4 industries. I added IT because there is also great growth prospect and spans all industries. All of the employers I interviewed expressed that they would hire young people without degrees if they can validated that they had 3 things: basic technical knowledge, are fast learners, and are a good cultural fit for the organization. Good news? They are willing to hire.

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As we interviewed folks at Mass General Hospital, CVS Pharmacies, Simplified Financial Information, Aerohive, BOSE, and other employers in the New York City and Boston area, they all expressed a dissatisfaction with job boards and head hunters in finding great talent.  They said they valued character and work ethic over degrees and would take a candidate with some training and teach them the rest on the job if they were a good fit and fast learners.  They wanted a way to validate people's skillsets beyond a resume. 


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Very good news Yscaira. Can you share a bit more about how these employers want to validate skills? Is it testing? References? And are the skillets you reference more focused on character and work ethic or basic technical knowledge? We are in the Boston-area working to connect disconnected young people with fulfilling careers and in doing so, it would be great to better serve the needs of these employers.

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Hi Geordie, im actually in Boston now and can meet on Monday if youre available.

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Hi Yscaira - Monday would work. Please email me at so we can set something up. Looking forward to it.