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Do know What Small Cash Can do?

I have heard this over and over and over..." Friend, I just need a little cash to start this business". It is wrong to believe that most unemployed youth don't have the skills necessary to be employed rather it is better to say they don't have necessary skills needed in the formal workplace or better still, they don't have the skills needed to function effectively in today's work place. BUT truly, how many vacant positions are left in the world today for the inexperienced graduands? How many vacancies are there for entry -level positions? Small cash can bridge the gap to wisdom....

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So, do you know the power of small cash?

I guess you dont know.

Small cash can help an unemployed youth get a mobile gadgets that he or she can use to stay connected to the world of opportunities

Small cash can pay for connectivity and mobile bandwidths

Small cash can pay for transportation and other social fees that would ensure that unemployed youth navigate through its social network

Small cash can be used to either earn better skills or gain internet access to e-learning opportunities

Small cash can boost confidence during interviews. It can create a psychological fit during converstations. It can help to buy better clothes and make one look more prettier during interviews

Small cash can help one to think well when creating business plans

Small cash can help one to consult micro industries for support in prospective business

Small cash make one avoid alternatives away from career and activities that would make one unemployable and loose skills managament during the lag of umemployment

Have you ever been saved by small cash? What do you think of a Small Cash Fund? What does small cash means to you?


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