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Developing countries like Uganda produce over 200 nutritionists each year. These graduates often have no employment as the government has not prioritized nutrition. NGOs and other development partners can only employ less than 10 of them each year. Many of them have got frustrated in the streets looking for jobs while others attempt to open up small solo proprietorship companies. Due to lack of experience and capital these companies often collapse. Others abandon them once they get jobs elsewhere. There is a gold mine in nutrition work in the private sector. All that is needed is organizing multiple talents in nutrition, social sciences, statistics and others. We want to create a centre to help address employment and leadership gaps.

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I am taking the initiative to identify, organize and inspire other professionals in nutrition, medicine, social science, business, media, marketing, computer science and information technology, agriculture, food technology and others. I am inspired by my passion and love for holistic approaches to addressing poverty in Uganda. Nutrition is at cornerstone of development and livelihoods. We are blessed to have Universities training students in all health, agriculture, food techonology, information technology, social sciences among others. The quality of education though questionable at times is sufficient to provide reasonable to provide basic theoretical knowledge and skills to prepare students to create own work. The question is how many of these students who graduate create and sustain their own employment? How many of them look beyond sole proprietorship? How many of them pool together talents, skills and resoures to capitalize the prevailing market demands? How many will get back to colleges, share and inspire students to replicate what they are doing? These are the questions I want to address and get innovative model that not only creates jobs for the professionals in health, social sciences, marketing and agriculture who choose to work as teams but also impart leadership to upcoming professionals.

I want to bring together individuals who share the struggle for success with millions of other professionals around the world but have chosen to rise above the tide. I will bring together those who are struggling in their own way and are prepared to work together with others in a team. Each of these individual will bring their talents to the table. I want to tap all key talents and make a difference in how professional business is done in Uganda. From our younger brothers and sisters who are yet to complete college unsure of what career path to take, we will hold their hands and show them the right path to take. Giving them a stepping stone towards a life fulfilling nutrition career. We will build capacity, we nurture, and offer that one thing that no one ever teaches students in school, “Shaping their knowledge, skill and attitudes to touching lives and enjoying what they do”.
Every young nutritionist in Uganda dreams of getting employed in NGOs and development agencies, but how many NGOs are there that offer nutrition services and need nutritionists? The few who wish to get government jobs, cannot easily get them because the districts are yet to get convinced they need nutritionists and not forgetting that the government has limited funds to recruit nutritionists across all sectors. Each year Uganda produces over 200 nutritionists who aren’t sure where to get employed. The time to wait for employment is over, it is time to create opportunities! ‘We are seated on a nutrition goldmine in the private sector. NGOs can only take but just a few of us. For sure young professionals cannot utilize all their talents and expertise in in NGOs. NGOs are currently focused on a narrow technical line of operations in undernutrition for specific audience and yet today, there is increasing focus on overnutrition and non-communicable diseases which the committed team can certainly help in.

My desire it to build a complete team of multitalented, enthusiastic and daring members ready to help themselves and younger professionals, create employment and make some money from professional help given to individuals, groups, companies/ private sector, NGOs and development partners. I will get teams with —PhD, Masters, Undergraduate in Medicine, Nutrition, Dietetics, Statistics, Demography and Population, Agriculture, Education, Information and Computer Technology, Social Sciences and Food technology. 


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It's super interesting that you have identified nutrition as an specific focus area and the players that can help create more employment for these professionals. During the Research phase it would be very useful if you could interview some of the recent nutrition graduates and members of NGOs who are potential employers. This process would be great to generate insights on potential opportunity areas to tap through your initiative and to share with our community so you can get our insights in taking it forward. Excited to learn more about this specific area that you are so passionate about.

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Hi Luisa, thank you for the applaud. I am working on the research.
Thanks, Alex