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Building Confidence and Resilience

Confidence and resilience are important tools for young people to have in today's competitive job market.

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Job hunting can be a daunting task, especially for young people that may not have much experience under their belt. I was inspired to share Amy Cuddy's TED talk: "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" in response to that feeling of being at a disadvantage. In the talk, she explains how 2 minutes of a simple posture change can have a positive effect on how you view yourself. I think that confidence and optimistic resilience are important tools for young people to have in today's competitive job market in order to stay persistent and not be discouraged. Simple exercises like this are easily accessible and may help young job hunters build these tools.


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Great share, Nicole – and we're certainly learning during our Research phase that soft skills are significant. This is a great addition to that conversation.

Photo of Shane Zhao

Yes, I agree! The importance of soft skills has definitely come up as a significant theme during the Research phase.

Nicole, this is a great example of how just 2 minutes a day can dramatically change how someone presents themselves. I wonder how we can integrate these soft skill trainings into a young person's education on larger scale?

Photo of Nicole Cagampan

Thank you, Meena and Shane! I'm looking forward to seeing how the research regarding soft skills comes together to answer that question in the Idea phase.