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Buhg-ee! ( Need more ideas for titles)

Think inside the box or in this case the buggy. Design a business that fits inside the confines of mobile buggy. This is a social enterprise geared towards establishing a pay it forward model for start ups that only requires $2500 to $5000 approximate SEED Investment. The concept involves assisting young entrepreneurs to develop their own human centered approach to creating a business that can be run from a buggy (e. Organic fruit stand, Mini Magazine Shop, etc). Triple bottom line is essential to encouraging ideas that move beyond profit, have minimal effect on environment and have a contribution towards common good. Young people selected to get buggy must pay it forward by providing grant to purchase next buggy for next person.

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Pay it forward is powerful concept that does not get due credit or utilization globally. This being a business driven approach to achieve triple bottom by thinking inside the box is slightly disruptive which further inspires me...Key learnings are yet to be determined as I am starting this journey...How would the next person in line be supported by the previous buggy owner if they are potenial competition?  Can I tap into millenial generation spirit of wanting to have an impact in life? How far can a concept like this go in emerged markets as well as developing countries? More questions to follow....


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I like the pay-it-forward approach and need for little startup capital. This reminds me using to make microloans. I can put in $100 and loan it for 4 people, but every time I get $25 back, I can loan again and have my money help 5 people.

Have you thought about who might make the initial investments and what might motivate them to make those investments?

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