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Hi! We OpenIdeo Barcelona Team, have been working focused on local Generation Y. And what we have found is that young people that is just about to finish school, don't know exactly what to study, they do not know their options, their talents, what moved them, what is out there for them. They need help to explore their options and follow their passion in a meaningful way.

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As a team, we start analysing generation Y behavior, and we saw that in Spain/Barcelona (city where we lived); the behavior is not shared. Our young people is not following their passions, they do not know how to explore what options they have. They have the feeling they need to study in order to get a job and there is no chance for mistakes, because a failure will make them be socially pointed as losers. Leaving them without opportunities to try new things.

Young people needs to know what is out there for them, they need help to design their life. An inspiring talk by Logan Laplante, leave us with two strong insights:
- We should change the question: What do you want to do when you are an grow up? TO: What do you want to be when you are an grow up?
- We need to change the model of teaching to make a living TO: make a life. 
Based on that, and that in Spain there is a high drop out school rate and a high youth unemployment, we need to start working on finding a solution for them, for our future.

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Great to hear that the Barcelona OpenIDEO Meetup was bubbling with discussion!

Photo of Barcelona OpenIDEO Meetup

Hi Meena! Yes, we are since last year bubbling :) We have a google group and meet regularly to work on challenges!

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Way to go! We're amped to hear this.

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