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Apprenticeships... not just for Carpentry anymore

Apprenticeships shouldn't just be for carpentry, construction, automotive companies or cooking, why not create opportunities for our youth to learn on the job training in design, engineering and some areas of healthcare.

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Creating an apprenticeship program for today's growing fields would be a great opportunity for today's youth as well as companies (big or small). There are so many intelligent, driven, and talented kids out there that may not get the same opportunities as others which is hurting not only our youth but everyone's future. With our growing retiring baby boomer population something needs to be done soon. This is a huge behavioral and cultural change but the opportunities for success and economic turn around are huge.

I'm inspired by this idea because as I've grown in my career (healthcare and technology) over the past 8 years, I've found that for some types of white collar jobs and careers you don't really need that "piece of paper" from a college telling you are worthy of higher pay now that you've completed your studies. I think companies are missing out on great opportunities for growth and success by overlooking youth that may not have all of the qualifications.

Youth - exposure to career fields that normally wouldn't allow young adults the opportunity without the proper educational background. By working full-time with pay they would get more exposure and learn how to work in the "real world". Colleges today do not prepare their students with the skills they need to go above and beyond in their careers or deal with everyday conflicts and conversation skills.

Companies - gives them the chance to find new talent and train them within the company. This is similar to an internship but different in that companies would have their aprrentices for a longer period of time and could potentially get them into a full time position faster than they would an intern. If companies worked with Communities to create a program this is great advertising for the company for their product and as a company for the community.

- Would companies invest the time to instruct and mold their apprentices?
 - What community incentives (taxes, advertising) could companies also benefit from?
 - Would schools be willing to participate?



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Photo of Amber Williams

Thank you all for the great links and feedback! I'll start digging into the information and start researching companies (big and small) around Kansas City.

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