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A game that helps read problems, answer complex problems using design-game thinking and helps gain skills necessary for employment.

In the year 2030, 3.5 Billion is the projected global labor force, up from 2.9 billion today. 40 million potential shortage of college-educated workers in 2020. 30 years from now there will be more jobs created but are there skills that can match the job requirements? A potential shortage of nearly 45 million medium skill works, a shortage of 40 million high skill workers and surplus 90 million low-skill workers. The current education system gives enormous knowledge but does not streamline support for a desired job specification. helps to approach the defined social/corporate problem in the game and rewards players based on their performance and prepares them for employment without losing out on fun!

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When there is a tangible, measurable evidence for the accomplishments, a user definitely uses the product as he/she is being benefited by it, at large. CareerGame is a game designed for individuals who are seeking employment, the platform helps them interface many challenges namely- creating green energy in the city, educate a child, programming through collaborative consumption, problem solving in technological glich, inventing self driving vehicles and we as CareerGame will be able to recommend the player's work to the respective organizations. All this happens in a GAME!
The distinguishing factor about CareerGame is the gaming platform to solve real challenges in virtual world to gain skills as credits in order to use them for employment purposes. By gaining accreditation, one can use the points for applying for jobs and gain recommendations from experts after validation of the game ( the completed project). The game also helps in gaining relevant research data to detect the key performance indicators and characteristics of job satisfaction and the role's responsibilities.In short, it is a gamified version of leading human resource companies. Is it the next big Linkedin or Career Builder? or even companies will be able to visualize work in few seconds and hire the candidate suitable for the job or even a fun game to play and practice work or inspire people to simply solve problems in a game. 

An answer to this is my inspiration. My major learning from the research is that many youth will be involved in the game and all they talk about is problem solving. Being a woman, myself, this platform will help women to empower themselves to be involved and stay focussed and stay herioc when there is a problem. This is applicable to most parts of the world where women are not allowed outside the house. 
Secondly, it is a fun-way to do things and actually gain a lot from it. 


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I have released a paper for understanding games and its applications in global problem solving. Take a look at it and give me feedback :

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