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Voices from Stanford d. School : OpenIDEO's Youth Unemployment Challenge

We are currently meeting people around the Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Ideating, Inspiring people about OpenIDEO, Stanford's interviews, Learning about the various happenings about technological innovation and a search for clarity. Here is a brief about the conversations with Stanford d. school and OpenIDEO who are constantly supporting the upbringing of the idea on the whole. The below write-up supports the OpenIDEO unemployment challenge use case. One can use this as a reference or a standpoint while implementing some of the projects. The questions asked by the students are thought-provoking. Read on...

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Learnings from Stanford University, OpenIDEO Team, SVBA and Dreamforce 2014
OpenIDEO and Stanford University together are helping ideas to shape up by design in a classroom. The impact w.r.t the idea's future has been tremendous so far. The very fact that we are conversing with the students. These students have various backgrounds - they are from business school, International education school, law school within Stanford's various education areas. Questions means thinking more! socialgetwork has it all to answer them one at a time.

SVBA was an award event and we met the brightest of apps winning under one roof. The elevator pitches, 2 min networking sessions, love for solving a problem and a kickass trajectory of value points. How can we point out valuable trajectories for value proposition?

Dreamforce by Salesforce had their sessions streaming live on anydevice, anywhere. They discussed about how their products are helping people, around the world. What's in it for socialgetwork?

Read more to learn more about this impact story....
How it has disrupted the future of the Social Getwork Team? 
We had been to Silicon Valley Business App Awards 2014 on Oct 9th, 2014 and when we pitched our app details to the professionals in the field. We were able to make positive connects. While understading the ongoing process, they were curious to know who I am working with and we said we are working with OpenIDEO and Stanford U students as part of our ongoing venture. They were thrilled to learn about the exciting way the entire app making is shaping up into a potential idea. SVBA, every year helps Silicon Valley and the world to hear, see and touch next gen apps. The evaluation criteria was - Value Proposition, User Experience and Design, Innovation and Uniqueness, Challenge and Solution and Performance and Impact. This was intiguing to us by forseeing the life-cylce presentations of exciting apps like Xero, Blood 24/7, When I work and many others. This experience on the sets helped us to visualise the framework of the app, the right approach that we are taking as a team (OpenIDEO, other community help and Standord University) to shape up the entire process to let it never fail. Thinking about the idea in all perspectives helps us to increase our potential towards positive impact. 
Stanford ahas...
Useful Insights from Stanford discussions and Interviews: 

Team 1 - Kyle Shackleton, Sarah Saad AlSaleh, Alexandra Maria Pappas and Yuhao Zhang all from Stanford University
Social Getwork representatives - Priyanka Botny and Sergio Marrero 
Kyle and Sarah led the conversations with the Social Getwork team  about the entire experience from my past experience before meeting OpenIDEO and the entire experience while ideating from research to winning. It was interesting to learn and reiterate the entire life-cycle of the idea. Meeting on 8/10/2014
More details will be updates shortly

Parallel-learning updates: From 8/10 - 10/10/2014
 At #SVBA2014, I had an opportunity to pitch about - a collection of thought leadership books in the form of 140 ahas or tweets/status shares. Regalix was the company who hosted the event and I had an opportunity to share with them about SocialGetwork. They were fascinated to hear about the young idea and it's growth. Apps like and were the significant networks that I could share my story. 

Team 2 - Austin Childs, Petr Johanes, Wei Angel and Miso
Social Getwork representatives - Priyanka Botny and Sergio Marrero 
Austin is leading the conversation. Meeting on 11/10/2014 
More details will be updates shortly

Parallel-learning updates: The centrality is not only with the implementation strategies but also with significant impact opportunity that we could concentrate on parallely. 

Team 3 - Cynthia Lee
Meeting on 10/12/2014 
Most of the questions were similar and interesting to learn. Referred to many valuable data points like seeing the OpenIDEO platform as a virtue, making the online presence more significant. 
These were the questions asked : 

1.  How did you first hear about the platform?  What is the first challenge you participated in?  What worked for you before, during, and after the challenge?  
2.  What kept you coming back to OpenIDEO?  How did you experience change over time as you got more used to and familiar with the platform? When was your usage the most frequent?  When was it less frequent?  How many hours a month do you spend on the platform, or engaged in an activity related to your platform usage?
3.  What did you like most about OpenIDEO?  What did you like the least?
4.  Have you shared any interesting stories and insights with others (e.g., peers, friends, and family) about your experience with OpenIDEO?  Have others joined the platform because of your encouragement and story?
5.  If you can change a few things on OpenIDEO, what would you change? 
6.  Assuming you know and are acquainted with other users in the group, why do you think others have not adopted the platform as you have?
7.  How often do you use the platform?  How do you stay up to date and plugged in with the activity on the platform?
8.  What does the Design Quotient mean to you and why?  What do you feel when your DQ goes up?  Has that had any effects on how you use/react to the platform?  Does it affect how you interact with others?
9.  Is there a question that you wished I had asked you regarding your user experience with OpenIDEO?

​Parallel-learning updates:  Time is an important factor and validation of work means productivity (not the no. of hours spent). 
SVBA 2014 ahas...
Updates on 10/10/14
The presenters were Marketing Managers and they were a pro in marketing the product to win events. They had awesome elevator pitches. won the best audience choice award. I too voted for them ;) They had this video (2 min) and they were the last to present. It was too good and simple. The story of the app development was conveyed in 2 mins. The Marketing VP was thrilled after he won the award. I did make a connect with him. They spoke about 1 million users, location, coverage and the problem that the app will solve.
Dreamforce 2014 ahas 
Updates on 13/10/2014
Learning about various non profits and dreamforce. TeachforAmerica, Gramin and much more. A marketing event for Salesforce but a know-how to opt for best products for future thought leaders. 
Collective Conculsion
The Stanford interview session had more emphasis on the OpenIDEO platform and it's usage. One can view this platform as a blog, a collective data page, profile redirection, hacking growth, building innovation, team building, learning positive work culture, gaining feedback and many other valuable points. Inventing Socialgetwork is a challenge and how we will accomplish things together speaks a lot more.

Read more about out next impact stage - Disrupting Bangalore Students in helping them gain social education using social media and a career counselling session to be conducted from Nov 25th - Jan 15th 2015. A parallel ongoing impact is with a development team based out of Mumbai, India. Stay tuned, we are in the making! 

Updates on Dec 5th, 2014
How can Stanford D.School and OpenIDEO together help us make the exciting app? 

We have started working on the Android version of the app to be pitched for sponsors or investors.
Google is a great place to pick things up! 

Teach for 2 months is taking shape at Parikrama and updates will be shared soon from Bangalore.

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Photo of priyanka botny

How can Stanford D.School and OpenIDEO together help us make the exciting app?

We have started working on the Android version of the app to be pitched for sponsors or investors. Google is a great place to pick things up!

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