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Top Free Cell Phone Providers & Lifeline Wireless Companies

It sounds strange, even unbelievable, that any company will provide absolutely free cell phone to its users. However, it is the reality as !

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It sounds strange, even unbelievable, that any company will provide absolutely free cell phone to its users. However, it is the reality as you live in a land with most advanced communication technologies.

There is a program call Lifeline Wireless which targets the low income consumers in the United States of America and provides them best telecommunication services possible for free. The idea behind this noble cause is to facilitate each American with optimum cell phone service even if they cannot afford it.

The Lifeline Wireless program extracts its finance from Universal Service Fund and it is maintained & monitored by Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Following are our pick of top  free cell phone providers in US and Also they recruit for hiring agents and store owners : 

CellSpan Wireless

CellSpan Wireless is a newbie in Lifeline Wireless Program but it has outdone all free cell phone service providers in its region of operations. It provides the best cell phone service plans that not only offer free text messages and calls but comes with great free cell phones in US.

Currently, it is operating in Arkansan, Maryland, and West Virginia and there is no match of Cell Span Wireless services in these three states. The company is planning to expand its operation throughout America.

Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another Lifeline Wireless service provider. This company has operations in almost twenty plus states of America.

Since Access Wireless is such a huge name in Lifeline Wireless program, there are many fraud companies that have started working with similar names. So if you choose Access Wireless, make sure you have found the real one. This company is associated with iWireless.

Although, the Access Wireless services are great but since it is serving so many customers, we would recommend you to choose someone new with great growth potential.

Budget Mobile

People who are into Lifeline Wireless program must know about Budget Mobile as it’s been in the industry for a while. This cell phone service provider is working in many states. Its mobile packages and plans are very competitive and it’s a good pick if you are looking for any Lifeline Wireless service.

However, if you are in California then you should only opt for Budget Mobile as it provides unlimited text messages and free calls on the sign up for free and such offer is not provided by any other free cell phone service provider anywhere in the America.

Safelink Wireless

Safelink is one of the first ones to start offering Lifeline Wireless services in the US. Since it’s been there from the beginning, it provides services in almost all states of America. As for the free cell phone services, Safelink Wireless usually gets a positive response from its users.

Just as Access Wireless is a brand name of iWireless, Safelink Wireless is a brand name of Tracfone.

Care Wireless

Care Wireless provides a free cell phone and free monthly service to eligible consumers through the Lifeline Assistance Program

Easy Wireless 

At Easy Wireless we’re committed to providing reliable, affordable and subsidized cellular phone service on a nationwide network. Easy Wireless, a division of Easy Telephone Services Company, is the premiere provider of Lifeline services and Pay As You Go plans, and currently offers services in both Oklahoma and Kentucky

NEW-PHONE Wireless 

NewPhone Wireless is a prepaid wireless phone company that offers affordable cell phone service and also provides Lifeline service. We believe in offering quality cellphone service to everyone hassle – free, without the need for a contract or credit check. We have something for everyone!

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless provides services and support based on advanced technologies, tailoring to each of our customers’ needs. Our partnerships with global communications giants ensure that our customers receive valuable assets like the best service and most effective solutions. We strive to identify the most demanding needs of the market and to provide customers the highest level of experience and our cutting-edge technology

True Wireless LLC

THE TRUTH is we are proud of the measures we’ve put into place to prevent waste, fraud and abuse of the lifeline program. We believe that in order to provide a better product to you, the consumer, we must protect the integrity of the program intended to help those in need. We are proud of the packages we put together and the phones we distribute. We are proud at the years of training that result in the service level our specialists deliver. We are proud we have survived the storms, both direct and indirect, that have come our way. We are proud to accept the great responsibility of being our customers lifeline to family and security just as congress envisioned in 1985.

Viaero Wireless 

Viaero is about flexibility and always giving you trustworthy service. Our network is extremely reliable and will keep you connected.  We’re a local company that’s committed to giving you a flawless wireless experience. We’re committed to making sure that our services and devices perform the way you want them to. That’s what we do. We give you choice, flexibility and honest service that you can trust

Yourtel Wireless 

YourTel Wireless will always bring you great customer service and local retail stores to personally serve you, so why not choose YourTel Wireless today

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For the last month-and-a-half I've been trying to transfer my Qlink number to TAG Mobile. Because of the "Lifeline" rules I'd be left without cell service for nearly 2 weeks during the transition. Not only can I not contact Qlink to perform a "Benefits Transfer", they do not have a way to contact their Qlink customer service? TAG Mobile however has proved to be an incompetent service as well and I will leave them as soon as they disconnect me AGAIN...and FOR WHAT?

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