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One Day Experience

One Day is a platform for youth to connect with professionals in various fields, to join them for a hands-on work experience of One Day.

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Starting point 

With youth unemployment in Spain at around the 50% mark, the country in a deep economical crisis and school dropout rates rising, we decided with our local OpenIDEO team to start working on the topic:

How might we help Gen-Y in Barcelona explore their options to follow their passions in a meaningful way?

We started off with a research including a number of interviews and a large co-creation session to get the required insights in the challenges Gen-Y face today. 

Many young people do not know what choices to make for their future carreers. They are affraid to make the wrong choice. (see more detailed insights below)

One Day Experience

Therefore we are now developing a platform - One Day Experience - that gives young people the chance to connect with professionals working in fields that match their interests and passions. Through our platform they can join these professionals for a hands on experience of their jobs for One Day. With the insights they gain through this experience they can make better informed decisions about their own future carreers.

We are currently building the preliminairy One Day Experience website.
Once we are finished building the real thing, the online platform provides users with the following possibilities:
  1. An online matchmaking search engine to find people with the professions and passions they want to know more about
  2. A random overview of people with a description of their professions and passions to swipe through to get inspired and click on for further details and contact information
  3. An exploration test that helps users to better define what they would like to be doing, in case users don’t have such a clear idea yet.
The customer journey of the steps that take place after a match is made is described in more detail here: under "the process"


Whats next

Currently we are preparing for two different pilots: one with a group of students from an International School near Barcelona and one with a small selection of unemployed people involved in the inspira-t programme in Barcelona:

With the lessons learned from these two different pilots we will be building the real One Day Experience online platform. We want to build a highly intuitive website that inspires and matches young people with professionals of interest. 

In parallel we will be reaching out to many professionals to register themselves and be available to give a young person a One Day Experience so they can make an informed decision about their future!

We need your support!

We would love to get in contact with people and organisations that want to take part in the development of this service into a good working platform, helping young people exploring their options to follow their passions in a meaningful way and create the life and career that fits them best!
1. We are looking for support to build a highly intuitive website
2. We are looking for people and organisations who want to support us financially to properly build and maintain this service.
3. We are looking for as many professionals as possible to join us and be available for young people who are curious to experience for a day what it is like to live your professional life!

Please contact us through if you are who we are looking for!

Research insights

Some of the most important insights we derived from the research we executed (desk research, co-creation session, empathy mapping, interviews i.a.)

• Gen-Y who are still studying or at the beginning of their career are far less worried about their future career steps in comparison to those with working experience. They do however have a strong urge to explore and express their own identity, discover what qualities they have and what their "purpose" or "passion" could be.

• Gen-Y with work experience on the other hand, are often searching a balance between growing, learning and doing new things on the one hand and financial and social stability on the other. In short: no stress, while not being bored either.

• Doing something else for a living than what you studied for is by many Spanish people perceived as failure: you chose the wrong education. Also because of the overall lack of jobs in the country, many people stick relatively long to a job that does not fit them, before they become unemployed.

• Many of the local unemployed find fault with the system, the economy, political corruption or other causes outside of their control, enlarging the lack of self empowerment to change their unemployed situation. 

• Entrepreneurship is not popular in Spain. This is mainly due to the culture being risk averse (afraid of failure) and more fatalistic than others. The higher education in Spain also has a strong theoretical focus on the memorization of knowledge rather than the development of skills such as independency, self-empowerment, self-confidence and decision-making.

Currently, many Gen-Y still make their career decisions under strong influence of their parents, Universities and teachers, and with great fear to fail by making a wrong decision. In comparison to other European countries and the US, more parents of this generation did not get the opportunity themselves to study. Therefore parents, and teachers of the same generation, tend to push their children more in a certain direction.

With the rapid economic and job market changes and the failure of the current economic models in Spain, young people have started to become highly skeptical though of any (official) advise as to what they should do and they are looking for ways to make their own informed decisions for life.


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I like this idea. I hope such program could extend to one month so that more knowledge and skills can be passed to the young

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