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Work Placement Starts in High School

Platform to provide accessible internship placement for high school students by linking local companies/organizations with schools.

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Jessie is an inquisitive 9th grader who enjoys learning. As both her parents are busy working through the summer holidays, she was left alone at home for most of the summer holiday playing video games and chatting with friends on social media. She hopes there was something more fun she could do and learn during summer, and even better if she could get some pocket money too.

Sam is a 10th grader who have been working part time at the local store for some extra cash. With no formal contractual, Sam's boss have underpaid him on occasions and was made to work in hazardous conditions without insurance coverage. Sam is afraid to tell his parents, as they might stop him from working nor speak to his boss for fear of being fired. 

Samantha is a high school teacher who believes her students will benefit from work placements, however, she does not know who and how to approach organizations to secure work placements for the large no. of students in her school. 

Richard is a hiring manager for a chain supermarket store. He finds it tough to attract youth/young adults to join the team as they often cite it as boring or "uncool" to work in a supermarket. He wonders how he can get youths interested in a retail career. In addition, the stores are currently facing labour shortage country wide and he is seeking temporary/short term help.

An online platform that list approved internship placements by vinicity to high schools. Recruiters can post up internship placements and details of job description. Teachers and students can sign up for accounts to access the list of internship placements available, they will be able to apply and review their application status. 

To get youth to start thinking and evaluating their career options early. 

By getting youth started early with school holiday work placements, it helps:
- Youths: Gain life skills that can't be learned from books, pocket money, experiences to help in their decision making on their future careers, instill a level of self-dependency
= Employers: Fill up entry roles in industries facing short supply of workers (e.g. hospitality, F&B, healthcare and retail), identify potential recruits for future roles upon graduation

How it will work

- Identify low entry jobs suitable for the various age group, 14 - 16 and 16 - 18, etc (stock taking, waitress, packing grocery bags, stocking supermarket shelves, registration aids at hospital, ticketing, mending game booths, etc)
- Roles should be easy to grasp for the respective age group; training can be done either as mass briefing in schools or batching induction

Creating a work placement database specific to each school, depending on school/parents preference, students can be rotated for work placements ranging from once to three times in a year during school holidays with duration ranging from a week to a month. 

Alternatively, if it could be worked into school schedules. It could extend to once a week half day commitment for one school term.

Why do you think it might succeed? 
Employers get to fill acute shortage in workers especially so for hospitality and tourism sector during holiday breaks. 

Real life working experiences extends classroom learning which can benefit both teachers and students. Youth gets to earn pocket money which is great for empowerment and learning the value of money.

Questions for community
- I am expecting some parents to be uncomfortable with such arrangements (i'm not a parent so its a little hard to imagine), can you think of some of the key concerns and how we can counter them
- The school/teachers might see this as "extra work" that they have to embark, how can we potentially incentize or make the arrangements easier?
- What are some areas that might be barriers for employers to come onboard? E.g. insurance for work related accidents, etc

Who does this idea benefit, who are the main players and what's in it for them?

It will benefit the economy, employers and youths. Economy If all high school students participate in work placements, we will accumulate a substantial amount of manhours which will be beneficial for the economy. In addition, it helps to train and get our young ready for the workforce. Employers Some of the key industries are facing a shortage of workers (retail, healthcare, F&B, hospitality and tourism). High school students can help to fill entry level roles. At the same time, it helps to build awareness for the brand/organization with the youth as they will likely be a future consumer or employee of their organization. Youth Work placements helps to provide real life experience, instill discipline and sense of dependency/self-reliance. In addition, they will be able to earn pocket money and a great way to spend their school holidays. Others who might benefit from this too: Schools/Teachers Work placements will help to extend classroom learning. Parents Have the confidence/assurance that their kids are engaged in legal/approved work for learning and growth. Help to lessen their burden to plan and pay for school holiday programs or activities.

How is your idea specifically increasing access to employment opportunities and pathways for young people?

By experimenting/trying, we learn if the job is something we like or dislike. In addition, this will help youths to discover they have the ability to create their own wealth/ earn their own money in a safe environment. These are critical in helping them explore their interest and learn the fact they can generate wealth. With early exposure, youth graduate not just with a paper but with work experience which will help in their job search and employer confidence. Employers are encouraged to design career pathways which youths can learn about during their course of work placement. E.g. Hotel - 14 year youth starts placement as a bell boy, 15 years old at waitress role, 16 years old at reservations department role, etc. It serve as a "job rotation" in the industry which helps the youth to have a better understanding of the industry and generate interest for hospitality.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

- Legal input if there are any areas which should be investigated more deeply - Recruiters/Employers perspective: How can this temp/rotational job posting be easily implemented at organizations? - Parents perspective - Youth perspective - Educators/teachers/School perspective

The idea emerged from:

  • An individual

How do you envision your idea being implemented?

  • Keen to be involved in prototyping but need partners at some stage


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I love this idea. Also related to using the industries as focal points, I think it depends on the region. Working with youth in New York, many of them were focused on securing retail positions as that was the need, there we many entry level retail positions. I imagine it would change by area depending on where you start. If you started this, where would you envision starting it.

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