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Self-Employment & Empowerment of Youth

A big achievement to create global economic boom, investment, innovation, participation, development, empowerment, as well as global economic growth is to find a long term solution to global economic destruction. However, the best answer for global economic empowerment for youth is to find a strategic solution to the global economic and property destruction being enacted by the extremist groups such as ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as BOKO HARAM in Nigeria. However, from the look of the situation we could see that these groups are making use of youth to conduct their operations in those areas that are concerned. Moreover, a positive step-forward for innovation today would effect a positive change for our generation tomorrow.

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Hopefully, i believe that is going to work for me and everyone. Because a lot of people are facing these challenges such as abusive anger that can lead to world economic destruction. For example, by having it in mind that with your terrible situation, emotional and psychological issue or whatever issue that is challenging you that nothing can stop it or no way out. Definitely, you are going to be thinking of evil to others or finding way to succeed your evil's thought by joining the destructive groups called ISIS & BOKO HARAM and so on. However, one of the challenges that the world is facing on terrorist organizations had started from abusive anger of some group of people without thinking back of the solutions to their problems, divorce that can lead to improper care of some kids which may lead them to join whatever group they find helpful at that moment of the time, and child abusive issues that could damage the whole stories of many kids if proper and appriopriate attentions do not put in place to solve those issues immediately. I think if we can provide strategic solutions to all these emotional, psychological and personal issues with those people that are concerned there would be little or no opportunity for those destructive organizations called Terrorists. I think the world would be in 85% free from economic attckers called terrorists. Because their problems are not resources but to succeed their operational attacks. I believe that if we can put focus on the world human psychological isssues and to create way for long-term proper solutions. Absolutely, we are going to have foundamental channels that would lead us to reliable solutions to our global economic issues. My question is this: Why are we waiting so long to provide reliable solutions to those with abusive anger, broken home and child abusive issues? I believe that by finding solution to these problems, we are creating 100% opportunities for youth empowering programs.

Who does this idea benefit, who are the main players and what's in it for them?

It is a big benefit's idea for every adult of age 18 - 40 years. However, the main players are adults both male and female. This is a strategic research opportunity for every adults ( both male & female) to identify their emotional, psychological and personal issues and to follow the strategic counseling procedures that are ready to work with them to solve those issues by themselves. Basically, education level should be from college so that they can understand better, to identify their problems and how, or what kind of specific challenge that is facing them. And for them to use or apply appropriate strategic solutions that they are going to derive from counseling session. However, what i'm trying to figure out here is that maturity is part of the solution that would provide reliable results to the clients.

How is your idea specifically increasing access to employment opportunities and pathways for young people?

Basically, as i mentioned it above. However, emotional, psychological and personal issues are parts of the issues that are affecting both economic development and economic growth in general. Specifically, from the perspectives of global destructive statistics, we are going to see that mostly people that belong to destructive organizations like terrorists (ISIS & BOKO HARAM e.t.c.), bad gangs or bad groups with hardhearted feelings are parts of the quotas that contribute to the economic depression globally. For example, let take a look at the the situation in Syria today, however the economic destruction that happens in Syria was because of fight between government and terrorist group, or the situation in Nigeria with Boko Haram group that was kidnapped the young girls pursuing their academic and economic dreams to safe guard their future. However, all these situations affect global economic development and as well as civil right regulations. From my research views, i could see that those bad organizations have easy access to the people that spend their times inappropriately, people with emotional, psychological and personal issues and so on. Unfortunately, as a result of this opportunity for these economic destructive groups to take advantage of those victims, it provides them more members globally to build their organizations for economic, property and mass destruction. Because, from the view of my research work, i could see that those people with emotional, psychological and personal issues are more likely to join those groups, because they would see or view the world from their minds as the place that has nothing to enjoy. For more information on global economic statistics:

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Basically, from my point of view, we need to study or look at the situation of economic or financial problem of the people from the way they are handling their issues by themselves, such as what are they doing to solve their economic or financial problems? How many of them are thinking that education can help them thinking wisely, positively and provide economic hope for their future? What kind of economic strategic instruments are being used by government to solve these issues? What kind of strategic criteria and instruments are being used by employers to hire the people for jobs? Are they hiring people base on politics, belief and race? These are the question we need to check for in order to understand the status of emotional issues of the people of the community. Moreover, i think world is a lovely place for everyone to pursue and succeed his or her academic, economic and creative dreams for better life and future. Because, i believe that if we seek for peace, definitely, we are going to find love, joy, happiness and hope for better life not destruction.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

Basically, i'm still undergoing the training in college as a graduate student in counseling and psychology. However, what i need are financial, moral and spiritual supports on how to build and create connectivity with people. Because, i want this research work to move on globally. I mean i wish to travel to some states here in United States of America and other countries in the world for research work process and continuity. Positively, i think with the help of OpenIDEO community, everything is going to work perfectly by God's grace.

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How do you envision your idea being implemented?

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