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The Social Getwork

The Social Getwork is a one-stop web/mobile app to explore career-opportunities leading towards many employment pathways for youth using social media. [Idea Title by Dave Zinsman] Note: Social media includes professional media sites too.

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Our imagination to reality

 For Andriod Tablets only

User Feedback (ongoing) from Wichita State University and New York University See This 
- Thanks to Anne-Laure Fayard



1. Goal
2. Hypothesis 
3. Research 

  • Similar Applications
  • Inspiration for the app
  • Positive user-behavior of the app
  • User Persona 1 & 2
  • Technical Requirements for the Prototype
  • Wireframing 
  • Sustainability Model
4. Experiments and Obseravations
5. Pilot testing the Prototype
  • Prototype development stages
6. Conclusion
7. Estimated Timeline
8. Our team and OpenIDEO community 
9. Big thanks 
10. FAQs
Note: There is a name change from "DailyO" to "Social Getwork"


1. Goal 

Create the Social Getwork mobile/web app interfacing youth on various social media and career opportunities leading to employment pathways. 

2. Hypothesis

Making matches between user's interests on social media and career-opportunities out there is our standpoint. The following are the key characteristics of the app :
  • Interface the social media sites with career opportunity sites with in-built powerful data analytics tool. 
  • Just the way Amazon and other online shopping sites works with it's users by suggesting matches for the user-search : : SocialGetwork must be able to make interests and social media profile matches based career opportunities available, without telling the user that it is tracking their records as this may lead to  "think and pause state" before updating their activities on social media which will be a constraint. 
  • Gamify (research phase) the application to increase engagement and progression loops that can provide reward points for fuel, coupons, cell phone recharge points, discounts for youth - serving as a value proposition for advertisements and to attract youth towards using the app on daily basis viewing their various career-opportunities everyday. 
  • Understanding the decision making theory 
  • Search Engine Optimization using hashtags and other features supported by Caleb's idea on OpenIDEO

3. Research 

Similar Applications like Social Getwork - 

For larger image - look into the images on top. 

There are many professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Biznik, Cofoundr etc. that are specific to providing  career opportunities. But all these sites have formal ways of hiring a candidate based on his/her resume/CV. On the other hand, Social Getwork helps youth to make a career choice based on their interests involving both social and profesional networking user profile timelines. 

Inspiration for the app -
Youth aged between 16- 25 years spend at least 4-7 hours per day on social media, mostly in the developing and developed countries. Updating status, uploading photos, sharing information, making friends, networking,playing games, seeking for opportunities via the social network are some of the key activities by youth. 

Our users (young people) come from various backgrounds. A research on the Global Digital Divide says that 1 computer is available for at least 100 users worldwide and ITU says, 

Poor economies are catching up with the mobile phone technologies and it is increasing. Developing countries are growing rapidly with the usage of cell phones, computers and internet. Majority of them are youth and they are looking for career opportunities. 
Refer to the research papers and documents more details:  We found this : Data view on Facebook with 2000 friend lists of a typical user helped to analyse that 88% of them update their home page on daily basis and they are all aged between 17- 25 years old.

Positive user-behavior impact : Youth spend a lot of time online to do various things. Sometimes termed as ''necessary evil'' because it brings a feeling of "missing out" on something therefore they are always online browsing by looking into their phones/computers.
Youth activities may change to postive habits on social media by using Social Getwork:
  • Researching interests and passion w.r.t career goals becomes easier compared to other existing resources on the internet world. 
  • Seeing unseen possibilities with career opportunities helps youth to make employment pathways for themselves, postively. 
  • Spreading the app to others online to create opportunity awareness becomes meaningful to reachout to millions of young people online. 
  • Connecting to various career choices with confidence by not losing hope will make youth stand up for themselves 
  • Urge to apply for 1000s of career options everyday on phones/computers, worldwide and increasing the probabilty of acceptance to job offers or any other career pathways offers. 
  • Friendly gamification-design framework will help them to make a decision to apply as it is engaging and motivating them to stay on the app for about 5-10 mins to inscribe details.
  • Adopting positive habits like making right choices on social media helps them in thinking about their career goals while spending more time online with the help of the app that is following their feeds, everyday by clearing uncertainities and career related confusions.
  • While they sense that the app is tracking their feeds invariably, they will change the way they look at social media - A media of career opportunities that helps everyone know about their progress- A sense of being successful (intrinsic motivation) 
# Initial thought process support by Shane Zhao 

User Persona #1: Swetha, 20, India
Swetha is an engineering undergrad student living in Kanpur, India. She is active online, loves to travel, watch movies, follows news on social media, views interest based pages, likes comments and photos posted by her friends. She is will be graduating in one year from now. Campus hiring is common process through which most candidates make it to various jobs especially in IT or software. Swetha is worried about her career goals. She has an average GPA. She hears about Social Getwork App and downloads it to her phone. She starts using it to find out about the various career opportunities she can apply for based on the normalized information collected by the app. She views interesting scholarships, meetups, challenges, engineering jobs, interview tips, mentor help etc. Also once she applies she receives some rewards points, coupons for retaurants, air tickets, travel, free tickets for conferences, mobile recharge points by service providers, latest advertisements for youth collection etc. She shares the app with others online and finally she updates her app everyday to provide her with more opportunities, everyday. She uses the app till she finds a full time opportunity. 

User Persona #2 : David, 18 ,USA
David lives in Kansas, USA. He completed his home schooling by graduating 12th grade recently. He is enthusiastic about games. Recently, he bought an XBOX to play many games. He spends 6 hours gaming connected to the social media, everyday.He joined an online degree program at Startford Institute for a Game Development Diploma. He is keen on understanding the world of games and he wishes to pursue roles as a game developer. But the qualification for a game developer at companies is a minimum B.S or M.S. He learns about entrepreneurship from his neighbor and he is excited about it and that night he searched for "entrepreneurship" keyword on Facebook and Twitter search pad . Someone online also posted an invite to download the SocialGetwork app. He downloads the app and starts browsing the various career opportunities. He applies for a few game design conferences, gamethon and signs up for a Java course. He is recommended selections based on his daily updates on social media and he received relevant career pathways for him to achieve his goals. He receives all the goodies that helps him to process his career needs like finding an apartment on AirBnB, low cost flight tickets, mobile currency etc as part of advertisements. He uses the app till he finds a suitable career path leading to full time employment opportunities.

Technical Requirements for the Working Prototype - 
Social Getwork analyzes the activities like interests, word clouds, conversations, public profiles, professional profile endorsements, pages liked, location, viewed sites, expressions, check-ins etc are all inclusive of the interests of the social media user to make relevant matches with the career-opportunities leading to employment pathways in the market to ease the opportunity-match-search process and reduce hiring-costs for the employers in the hiring process. 

- Based on learnings from experiments, observations and reading research papers. 
Wireframing  - Near to accurate career-opportunity matches for youth to make career decisions based on their networking site feeds.

Sustainability Model-
Click to see the sustainibility model and scroll down on the pdf for monetization part.
There are 3 stages of the model: 
1. Premium users: Companies and organizations who are in need of candidates (youth) posting on the career opportunity portals (outside of the app). They will receive a pool of applications for a specified job role as the communication is made with the help of the app characteristics.
2. Basic Users: Youth and other unemployed or underemployed people who are in need of any kind of career opportunities and can use the app for FREE!
3. Small data infographics is our kickstarter to attract youth to using our app. This can be a paid or unpaid service for the organizations and spread across the social media to support user persona stories of career opportunities.  
See by yourself the social media impact on other users based on one user-experience.  Click here

4. Experiments and Observations -

We conducted 4 experiments with young people in our community, Kansas we tested for usability, viability and feasibility using some action items learnt from the Sergio's pilot project (Exp #5, see below) 
The experiments (click here) were: 

Experiment #1: Explains the interests of youth in the current social networking world. Sometimes students tend to grow with the change by making choices that help them reach nearest to their passion.

Experiment #2: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networking sites have a major influence on the youth, today. They are constantly updates status that is creating a timeline for the interest record history.

Experiment #3: Opportunities can be given to many including those with disabilities via social media.

Experiment #4: Students love experiments and they get excited by tangible rewards and opportunities while they are hooked to social media every hour.
Updated on September 6, 2014 - We plan to conduct series of these short experiments to perform valid case studies of our users. 

5. Pilot testing the Prototype- 

Sergio Marrero shared his team's pilot project which is based on 100 interviews and the app (works very similar to Social Getwork with job skill training opportunities for youth) was tested with a group of youth for over 7 weeks helped us gain useful insights for our prototype and pilot test. 
Note: Sergio Marrero's pilot project was a mobile app that helped young people build skills and trainings for entry level jobs mainly in Jamaica. ​

Experiment #5: The project results from Sergio's pilot tells us about the mobile app using social media for youth job search and the various action items that took place after detailed findings and hands-on testing with youth. 
Updated on September 6, 2014
- As a Social Getwork Team we will be set to build our own prototype by the end of this month as I will be moving to CA and will also have an opportunity to test the prototype at India and US by the end of this year to gain more feedback and user testimonials. 

Storyboard Design - This is a mobile app version. Similarly it can be done on any social media sites (inclusive of professsional media sites) to access on desktops too. 
Updated on 9/8/14

Prototype Development Stages-
Stage #1: Sergio's team is working on similar lines with Social Getwork by conducting a 10-week pilot in conjunction with Opportunities for Better Tomorrow (OBT). He shared a list of activities, challenges, findings, action items. We will be able to record details based on the detailed prototype testing inputs. We are working to meet on September 26th with this regard at San Francisco. We will also be meeting Dave Zinsman who is constantly mentoring the entire thought process by the end of September. 
Stage #2: Designing gamification model for Social Getwork and value proposition proposal for advertisers. 
Stage #3: A potential  sustainability model creation: 
Organizations as Premium users to look for candidates
Youth get to download and use the app for FREE!
Advertisers propose gamification adverts using reward system. 
Stage #4: Final prototype design using the programming concepts (natural programming), key prototype observations from Sergio's prototype model, research of similar apps and services, gamification system and sustainability model to continue towards final implementation of the app. Read on to get detailed insights and give us feedback. Hey, we also made a prototype app that you can download on your Android devices (works best on tablets). We are collecting massive responses from Wichita State University (WSU), New York University (NYU) and Wichita Public Schools (WPS) students, stay tuned to see their responses. 

Survey Results at WSU, NYU and WPS-
TBD (ongoing)

6. Conclusion: The key to evolving youth progress is social media and it’s pathways to provide career opportunities.

-An app like Social Getwork will be able to match interests with the available opportunities by providing pathways to explore, make a choice or career decisions and share it with others on the social media.

7. Estimated Timeline

Our Timeline @ Google Speadsheets - Social Getwork

8. Our Team and OpenIDEO Community 

Sergio Marrero: Pilot test which he and his team worked on a similar app like Social Getwork app provided great insights in shaping the app. 

Dave Zinsman: Incredible support, mentorship, guidance and the beautiful idea title for the team. 

Anne-Laure Fayard: User experience and feedback support

Meena, Shane and Luisa: are constantly shaping the idea is asking mind-boggling questions to think further. 



Brooks Techology and Magnet School, Exploration Place  William Dickerson,, 12-step guide to building the first Mobile-App by aB, Job search sites, Wolframalpaha, Chockalingam Eeshwaram and Shankar Ghangadhar (for providing app development details), Wichita State and New York University students and all the others who are involved in the upbringing of   "Social Getwork"

10. FAQs

What are the next steps for implementing this idea?

SocialGetwork has a great potential to bring a positive impact on the young people who are using social media every day. The app requires solid foundation for data analysis and programming skills that can put the users in a feedback loop - to it's users by making relevant suggestions of the career opportunities based on the user activities in various social and professional networking sites>>>>In order to implement this project, my team members and I will be meeting at the Bay Area on September 26th. Based on the pilot project by Sergio's team and collective responses from the activities on OpenIDEO and our work so far - we will be testing the working prototype of the app with the colleges at Bangalore, India and the bay area educational institutions in the end of November, 2014. We will be able to tabulate observations and move forward with potential partnerships with social media sites and the career opportunity sites starting from 2015.

Briefly describe a user scenario which illustrates the specific need that your idea is trying to solve.

Rashmi, 21 is a final year engineering student living in India. She is active online, curious to know things around her, loves to travel and has no professional work experience. She is pressurized to take up a job in the next few months as her parents are bound to get her married. She wishes to stand on her own feet by making her own living. Someone online shares an interesting app that provides exactly the opportunities she is looking for >>>The Social Getwork, a smart App that tracks Rashi's activities and records his timeline of events and matches her "activity clouds, online" to the career opportunities available in the market. It displays career-opportunities like employment, internships, colleges, interests, events in the city etc to guide him towards his career. The app provides her with his interests or most talked about on her feeds-based opportunities so that she is certain to make a career-decision and apply for one or more opportunities provided by Social Getwork. >>This way she will view choices to choose from, make decisions and apply for the opportunities that is closest to her interests and daily activities that she updates on her various social media sites (both professional and social)

Complete a User Experience Map. This will help you visualize how a potential end user will interact with your idea. Once you have completed it, upload it using the Upload File button at the end of this form. PDF files preferred.

  • Completed

Who does this idea benefit, who are the main players and what's in it for them?

Idea benefits stakeholders like youth, employers, entrepreneurs, job seekers in general will be able to participate in the recruitment-made-easy application that involves engagement for the users and the right human-resource for employers who are looking for efficient and interested employees applicable to global internet market. Both small-large companies will be interested in manpower for helping them build a better world. >>>Social Getwork will be able to target interests, word clouds, #hashtags, pages viewed and liked, number of clicks, location, identity matches and all the quantitative and behavioral game theory to engage and help progress our customer user experience>>>Employers will be able to access value in viewing the person's interests in doing a task. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation levels will be involved in the users who apply as sharing is a major advantage on this media and it happens in minutes. >>>Getting career-opportunities will help candidates to gain rewards in some or the other way to follow their passion, understand the needs in the society and deliver their best with their interests clinging to their work.

How is your idea specifically increasing access to employment opportunities and pathways for young people?

Youth employment (in general career) opportunities can be a guided process while closing the engagement gap between uncertainties among youth and career-opportunities out there with the employers. >> Social Getwork is that engagement app that holds the interests of the youth seeking for opportunities and the plethora of career-opportunities out there. >>It creates career pathways to apply for number of opportunities like internships, employment, talk to businesses, Meetups, attend conferences, relevant activity recommendations, toolkit recommendations, collaborative consumption market availability, part-time jobs, interest related activities etc. >>The opportunity-decision making experience will help users to make a career choice, share choices, learn about other career-opportunities and clear uncertainties about their future. In case of rejections from any of those career-opportunities, they will always have options to reset and restart with confidence without demotivating themselves.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Some of the experiments conducted were>> To find word clouds matching with the keyword search at the opportunity center on leading networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn>>Highlight pathways for young job seekers to make career choice with confidence by simply analysis a case study reported by one of the team members. >>Social media know-how experiments conducted at schools locally at Wichita schools to observe middle school students who are involved in the social networks updating activities. >>Analytics on Facebook with 2000 friend lists helped to analyse that 88% of them update their home page on daily basis. >>We concluded that career-opportunities can be interfaced with the available APIs for each of the social networking sites. Hence we made a sample prototype. But the actual working app will have inbuilt features for analytics using NLP. >> We will be conducting a prototype user experience massive responses survey at Wichita State University and Wichita Public Schools, Kansas tentatively from 9/14 - 9/16/14

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

>> When a game like Candy Crush, Farmville can become addictive among youth, we can use gamification methods to help our app gamify. How can we do this? Gamification can be a marketing technique too. >>How can we change the job roles at organisations as this will be the future of the Social Getwork? Example: Fun Developer, Google Traveller, Growth Analyser, "We need a person who can cook, talk a lot, stay motivated and build interactive apps for humans" this can be the extension of the routine based job search criteria. At this point we cannot change organizations but we can propose to them. Creating value prop for employers can be a the next level of the app. Check the last pdf of right.

The idea emerged from:

  • An individual

How do you envision your idea being implemented?

  • Keen to be involved in prototyping but need partners at some stage
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Team (10)

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Dave Zinsman

Role added on team:

"Dave has been a constant support in terms of mentoring the concept to visualizing the outcome. He is resources of networks, knowledge and practical approach."

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Caleb Zimmerman

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"Caleb is focused on #hashtags using Twitter and we could collaborate and work together for the common good."

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Sergio Marrero

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"Sergio is helping the team gain insights on his past experience with similar projects. He will be an asset to the team in realizing the future prospects of the concept."

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"Luisa - An IDEO Team member who is constantly helping the idea to revolve 360 deg in terms of UX, the idea and related features. She is an asset to the idea development itself. Thanks Luisa."

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"Jihye, James and S created a Persona for DailyO!"

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"Welcome Anne, Anne is helping us with user feedback from NYU. Thanks"

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"Welcome Alain, He is wishes to see the app at Congo. Would love to seek help from him. Thanks"

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UX Storyboard


Rashi, 21 is the user and her experience using the Social Getwork App


How user experience spreads on social media?


Frequently Asked Questions about implementation and user behavior


PILOT TEST and User-Experiments that we conducted.


Possible opportunity matches using the Social media sites and User Interest Match


Check out our Sustainability model: We used Small Data Analytics for awareness creation


Research paper for "The power of social media in developing counties"


How can youth gain employment using social media? - A research paper from Netherlands


What social media can do to youth? A Canadian case study


The future of the app connected with other ideas to bring a greater impact


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