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app-prenctice - an app that finds an apprenticeship position for the unemployed

What is the first quality employers look for? Experience ! But how does a fresh graduate or a school leaver gain experience to land his dream job? The apprenticeship system fills in the lacuna of the skill gap prevalent among the unemployed. My idea is about employing the power of mobile technology to help young unemployed people find apprencticeship position to gain hands-on learning and earn by engaging both the government, private sectors, philanthropist and well meaning citizens to help them earn while they learn in open-source manner. This app is app-prentice.

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app-prentice is a mobile app that helps the unemployed find apprenticeship positions especiallly around their locality or far away when necessary and also create remuneration for them while they learn through crowdfunding by engaging the private sector, government, philanthropist individuals and organizations and well-meaning citizens.
  • Firstly, young persons are guided in their area of interest. Our app provides a recommended careers interest tests and then requires them to discuss the results of test with guardians and counsellors. Based on the result of the interest tests, a career map is presented in a graphic and analytic way with economic and societal-good benefits
  • Then, the system suggest a search for an apprenticeship position in either the area of interest or another area entirely. Results are presented in other of nearness to the location of User.
  • Applications can be filed for intrested positions through our app according to the requirement of the caoch.
  • On successful application, a crowdfunding account is lauched with the consent of the user.
  • The progress of the User at work is presented to relevant authorities through our app


Who does this idea benefit, who are the main players and what's in it for them?

This idea benefits unemployed youths from age 16 - 35 and whoever is interested in learning to gain experience. Also, this idea will provide workmanship for industries and helps reduce the menace created by unemployment and idle hands in the society.

How is your idea specifically increasing access to employment opportunities and pathways for young people?

My idea helps young people discover their area of career interest and helps them map a logical way to achieving it. It also connects interested apprentice-to-be with coaches and masters who will be interested in helping young people achieve fulfillment in their own field.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

In my university community, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Our pilot will be launched in October, where interested apprenctice-to-be will be connected to Industries after they have taken the interest tests. Crowdfunding will also be launched for their remuneration in conjunction with the state government of Osun and its beloved citizens.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

Software Engineering Input, crowdfunding technical-know how input, publicity and public relations.

The idea emerged from:

  • A group brainstorm

How do you envision your idea being implemented?

  • Keen to prototype it, find partners and pursue implementation


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Hi Job, I like how this app uses mobile technology to provide an easy-to-use vehicle for unemployed young people to find apprenticeship opportunities in their areas. Will you please clarify, once young people find an opening that interests them, what are the next steps in order for them to apply? Is the match with an apprenticeship dictated by the responses to the “interest tests,” is there a CV / cover letter aspect to help the companies learn more about the candidates, or is the app intended to provide the initial contact so that the companies and applicants can then connect offline? I look forward to seeing where this idea goes!

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