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Your Silence Hurts The Most

Challenge: Fight the menace of sexual harassment. Idea: Give the reader a feeling that they too are equally responsible for abusing a girl if they don't act towards it. And shock them with the thought that not acting against it, is equivalent to supporting it. Target: The millions of us who do not speak up or act when a girl is being harassed.

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I was wondering can we inspire and empower people to take action?


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Powerful messaging, Preeti. I agree that addressing bystanders is very important. I came across a somewhat similar campaign in the US (Chicago) and posted about it here: It's attention-grabbing for different reasons, but I think the idea is similar. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Jamie! Through my research I released that what can be done to inspire people to take action and what effective measures we can take to empower people about what they can do if they are the witness of violence.

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Hi Preeti,

the bystander effect (which was defined by psychologists based on the story of Kitty Genovese:

Here is a campaign that was talking to this issue of the bystander effect:

Looking forward to seeing your idea evolved.