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Tupperware Parties - Opportunities for women to become financially secure, and for them to connect, within urban communities worldwide.

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   Rick Goings, the CEO of Tupperware was a participant in a panel at the recent Davos Economic Forum entitled,   "Making Gains in Gender Goals."    As part of the Gender Parity Group he emphasized that women have much to contribute to society.  He is working to put this on the agenda of leaders around the world.

   Tupperware as a company is very active in emerging markets.  1/3 of their revenue in 2012 was from Asian Pacific countries.  Women, many with no formal education and employed for the first time, earn an income empowering them within their families and communities.
    Tupperware parties are the backbone of this business model.  Can this economic opportunity also become a point of connection for  community building and support amongst women in low income urban environments?  Can these parties become meetings where women exchange ideas?  Can women who work for Tupperware become the backbone of a larger network, moving across communities within neighborhoods, and the greater city?

    What is the potential here for network building?  
    What is the possibility for future economic investment in social initiatives?  Initiatives that will improve their lives, the lives of their daughters, and the women in their greater community?


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Photo of Maria Rosa Galter

Interesting idea... and if instead of Tupperware, what if these were parties where women could purchase the latest fashion in reusable sanitary pads, fuel efficient cook stoves, or solar powered lightbulbs? An educational component to the party would sensitize women to the social issue which the product intends to address.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Maria! What a great idea. There is a company that I came across while thinking about ideas called PollinateEnergy. They employ local women in slums in India to sell their product which is a low cost solar lamp. They bring in "interns" from around the world to work with the women for a brief time period to build skills etc. The women then are door to door salesmen essentially.
Doing it in one home brings a different dimension. Doing it in the home allows for a group and a group discussion as you suggest. Also, depending on what the product is that they are selling it might allow for a piggyback entrepreneurial ideas.
FOR EXAMPLE - Tupperware sales - Women who come to the party are probably interested in cooking. How about bringing in a business consultant who can discuss a simple business plan and refer them to a local HUB designated to assist women entrepreneurs. I was thinking about this before. I am going to post it on some of the IDEAS that discuss Women Entrepreneurs. I hope it makes sense.
Thanks for posting! I totally agree with your suggestion! Looking forward to checking out your IDEA.

Photo of Maria Rosa Galter

Yes, love it! So many of the sales strategies used by Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Silpada, etc. revolve around women coming together. We women like to be in community so why not try this approach with social businesses as well......

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