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Would the city be safer without clear separation of residential and business area

Growing up in Taipei, I've been traveling around Asian cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong. 6 years ago, I moved to New York City. I noticed a big difference about night life in urban area between Asia and America.

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Most of the city in Asia has no clear separation of residential and business district. So it's possible that a restaurant or a store opened downstairs of your apartment. Also, you can see 24 hours convenient stores around every corner in the city. I feel safer that the roads lighten up by these stores while I'm on the way home at night. If I feel something wrong, I can always run into these stores for help. 

Compare to the life in America, most of the residential area are far apart from stores or business. When you get off from bus or subway, you have to walk on the dark alley to get home. 


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