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Women in the Media: empowerment or powerless?

Women are often portrayed in different media as objects looking to be admired as well as the "lesser sex" to men. Too often are women degradated by both men and women in media sources, which are then transferred through the eyes and ears of youth and adults all over the world. A shift in how women are portrayed in the media needs to take place to make changes and empower women all across the world.

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Women are featured all over the world in media sources ranging from news outlets,mot print media, magazines, advertisements, online sources and so on. What was once thought to be a powerful sight to see a women taking center stage in a news outlet now seems to counter the exact idea of empowerment. The documentary Miss Representation proves through imagery, startling statistics, and a diverse range of research how disempowering the media can be for women and young girls. 

Diverse communities all over the world have access to and are bombarded by images and texts featuring hypersexualization and degradation of women. The intentional and unintentional framing of women as objects to be admired or criticized is only perpetuating the cycle of oppression of women, leading to more violent crimes against the majority population of the earth. While violence against women is found all over the world, it is particularly prevalent in urban areas, due to higher populations, elevated levels of stress from urban life, and higher quantity of these demeaning media. One particular lens of which to focus on changing these patterns is to shift how the media portrays women, as well as how women portray themselves. The first step is education, the second, is action. 

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