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What The World Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women?

I found this article and video on PSFK's top stories of the week. Director Eleonore Pourriat has flipped gender roles on it's her with her 11 minutes short film. The YouTube description sums the film up: On what seems to be just another ordinary day, a man is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women. Please note, this video may be offensive to some (with nudity, profane language) but it's interesting to see how the director characterizes the situations that women often face in a "male-dominated" world. This time, in the video, we're looking at a female-dominated society and the protagonist male is the target of harassment. Definitely, NSFW..

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The abrupt, no holding back attitude to this short film really captured my interest. It did not hestitate to explore those uncomfortable situations that many women face on a daily basis. In reading the PSFK article,  you discover that the inspiration for the film came from the director's husband and his lack of awareness to this societal problem. The film unabashedly pushes boundaries, going as far to include a sexual assault scene - a gang of females attack the male protagonist. The film then follows the man as he tells his story to the police. This scene struck me as the most "real." As the protagonist described the attack in detail, the female cop appears to express doubt in his story. While I was fully aware that this was a fictional film, a "dramedy" so to speak, the insinuation that the character's story was being made up stirred up emotions in me. The significance of this scene is a real, sad truth that many women hesitate and even opt out of speaking up and/or pressing charges for fear of the outcome, fear of not being taken seriously, fear of being blamed for the invasive act themselves.  

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very interesting video. As you said it is striking to watch it. In my case, I was touched by the scene when the man is waiting for his wife, and she tells him how difficult it was to get of the meeting she was at, and how well it went. It reflected many situations in my life when I wanted to communicate something important or share an experience, and I was ignored. It is a great reflection on human behaviors regardless of sex.