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What lessons can we take from the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad successfully assisted slaves escaping from the South with a secret system of messages alerting slaves to safety and danger. Can we develop a similar system to protect our young women?

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When I was younger, I walked by myself a lot. To feel safe, I would be very vigilant about my surroundings and especially look to walk on better lit streets with more people and also look for homes with lights on and stores or cafes that might be open that I could dash into.

It would be wonderful if those safety resources could be encoded with a symbol in the window or a small hidden message similar to the system used in the underground railroad so that women would know which stranger's doors they can knock on or stores they can enter in an emergency.

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I like the concept of your idea of utilizing "secret" messages for protection. How would this method be organized? As mentioned by Ivy, would it be a light that represented safety and access to a phone. Would it be a sticker in the window? And how would these safe environments be determined? Would they have to complete training?