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What an inner city neighborhood looks like in San Jose CA

I worked in this low income, inner city neighborhood for 6 years as a high school teacher. Students were forced to walk several miles or take public buses home. The bus stop is dangerous but the only option for students from the surrounding 4 schools (the schools don't sponsor school buses). The student bus stop location attracts unsavory adults: Here you'll find a tattoo parlor, a public marijuana dispensary and liquor store. Each year one of my students is stabbed while waiting at this stop. But what choice do the students have?

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Don't let children be sitting ducks.

Add bright lights to places where the volunerable are kept sitting.  This can prevent those waiting for a bus from being attacked. 


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Very interesting observation. What opportunity areas do you see to change this? Are neighborhood residents doing anything about it? Are students talking at school about it?

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Hey Luisa... I see that Stephanie replied – but posted it separately to your comments so I'm adding it below (Stephanie: Here's a tip – if you reply directly below someone's comment, they get an email notification letting them know)

"There was some effort by school administration to move the bus stop and zoning a few years ago- but nothing came from it.

The people who live in the area unfortunately accept the conditions as "just the way things are". There are few involved parents in the area (inactivity is mostly related to poverty issues).

The only successful effort has been a Van labelled "Safe Ride". This van drives around and kids basically flag down at schools after hours. The van to drives them places. I don't know who sponsors the van- I hope it really is taking kids home safely."

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