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The gender perception has been a hot topic and I am the lucky girl who personally experienced the trend. I will call it "Be your chief, women." The article talks about the sexual evolution in my country Taiwan.

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Patriarchy is a social system in which males are the primary authority figures central to social organization, occupying roles of political leadership, moral, etc. The noun comes from Greek, which means the chief of the race. Males had been the primary characters until 17 century. “ Feminism” first appeared in France in 1837 and gradually has been accepted by the public. The gender perception also evolved in Asian culture.
In traditional Chinese culture, there are three rules that women have to obey: do whatever fathers want before marriage, act whatever husbands ask after marriage, and listen to children (males) say after they are elder. It applies that females born with males and are male-oriented. Also, the characters of males and females in the family have been set as “fathers work outside and mothers stay at home taking care of everyone” ”gentle mom and strict dad.”
My mom is a traditional female and I was taught like that. But, somehow I have dumped the tradition away and believed to be self-oriented. I realize that concept could be change and in a way you do not even notice.
With the popularity of western cultural, the penetration of basic education, and the power of mass media, gender equality has been prompted in Asia. In Taiwan, the Executive Yuan legislated Women’s Policy Programme. In the women's policy agenda, the basic idea has been put forward "rule of gender participation and co-determination" concept, which is the implementation of gender equality, the implementation of a way of thinking, "gender mainstreaming" strategy.
The government develops gender mainstreaming from education, economy, and social activities by improving the gender gap on higher education, promoting the equal employment opportunity, encouraging public participants, etc. The gender gap has been decreasing and females are becoming confident.
I believe that the consciousness of gender equity is the most essential point of the challenge and this should be worked by the government and the public. People themselves are the best method, which is “ word of mouth.” The government prompts the gender equity by legislating, the NGO broadcast its idea by mass media and procession, and finally people share ideas with each other by conversation. There are the ways that my consciousness changes.
Do you have same experience in your country? Welcome to share your perspective.
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Great cultural insights Tzu-Ching!
Proud to read that "feminism" appeared in France :-)

Per Meena's comments, it'd be interesting to know how safety has evolved related to this increase empowerment. Thanks!

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That is truly a good idea for me to write another article about the safety improvement in TW :) However, I realize that the power of last generation is the key for propulsion of gender consciousness. Please read:

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Thanks Tzu-Ching, you might want to connect your 2 inspirations by using the build upon feature.

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