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We Are Getting Better

Little discuss on the power of last generation in Taiwan, which my friend reminded me while we were interviewing. Also, I talked about the reason why the government enacted regulations to protect women and how do they do better. Finally, I believe that we need time to cultivate the consciousness.

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As I mention in my last article “We Changed,” the gender equality has increased in Taiwan. Here, I want to  stregthen that the public cannot underestimate the power of last generation. I asked my friend that education does improve the consciousness of gender equality. She said yes, but she insisted what parent said still kept in children’s mind.

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My generation has great access to all the information about gender equality such as school, books, magazines, TV shows, Internet, broadcasts, etc. However, we still cannot ignore the power of last generation (especially parents); they live with us and look at our behavior. (Parents live with children in Asian and some of parents live with children even they get married.) Think of the infiltration that they keep talking what a good woman should be and teach us with tradition moral standard. Although, we (young girls who have high education) have a sense of gender equality; we still get impacts. ( The difference is that we know how to negotiate with males and get respects.)
Like what I describe previously, we are on the progress of the gender mainstreaming. Most of women (influenced by last generation) still have to take responsibilities of all the housekeeping and taking care of everyone. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, 54% of women have jobs and also take care of their families. Women get heavy pressure and sometime they do not know how to release the pressure.
Otherwise, females have comparably weak physical, and easily get violence, threats, oral insults, or spiritual abuses while they are in the family or in the society. To build a safety community and enforce entirely protection for women, the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan came into force “Sexual Assault Prevention Act” in 1997 and “Domestic Violence Prevention Act” in 1998, and worked with other department. The Ministry of the Interior counseled the local government with building the women service center, emergency rescue and settlement of risk, subsidy, professional counselling, etc. These services provided by local government undoubtly gave women a stong shelter. Women got protection form laws and virtual supports.
To figure the effectiveness of the propulsion of gender mainstreaming, I looked up the statistics in the Ministry of the Interior and found that the number of female victim has been decreased since 2000. However, the number of domestic violence and the number of sexual assault have only merely decreased. I realize that the gender equality has gradually germinated in the society but there are lots of issues we have to concern. Both the public and the government should work harder together on driving of gender equality and we need to know that the consciousness needs time to cultivate.

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