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Was she asking for it?

There was a law suit in Turkey about a rape case where a 16 year old girl was raped by her uncle(!) and the penalty is just announced. The penalty and and the reason for it is just unbelievable.

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(The writing says: There is No Consent in Rape)

     So the story takes place in Denizli, a city near the western coast of Turkey.  While looking for a house, a father leaves his 16 year old daughter with his (the father's) cousin so she can stay there during the process.  But then the father doesn't hear from her daughter for a while.  After a couple of days, he finds her and he also finds out that she was raped by the guy who was supposed to take care of her while he was gone.  And then they go to court.
     The unbeleivable part that I talked about is that the judges decided to send the defendant to jail for 1 year, because they somehow found out that the girl drank some beers, and she was over 16 so she was capable of making her own decisions (like drinking beer) and she had sex with him on her own accord.  Or she was basically `asking for it`.
     Tragic incidents like this happened more than a few times in Turkey, in fact, they continue to happen all over the world.  In a male dominated world like this, it is very easy to blame the victim for a horrible thing that happened to her.  She was wearing a short skirt? She was asking for it.  She was walking alone late at night?  She was asking for it.  She was wearing make up?  She was asking for it.  She was drinking?  She was asking for it.  She was flirting?  She was definitely asking for it...
     I don't know how but there MUST be a way to stop this stupid point of view, and I believe that it comes with empowerment and consciousness.  I hope this challenge will help victims of terrible incidents like this.


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