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Walking in her shoes

How would the men who harass or violate the safety of women feel if they were put in that scenario? This video shows a variety of situations a women might be subjected to, ranging from everyday harassment on the street, to a violent encounter with predators so the disregard from authorities and lack of spousal support - but shows it with the gender roles reversed. Would men learn empathy from being put in similar circumstances? Would it serve to show them the ridiculousness of the differences in treatment towards women? Why is it accepted that women are subjected to such treatment?

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They say that the best way to learn is to do.  How can we create scenarios where men who have, or are at risk of, treating women in derogatory or violent manners, have to endure the same?

There are many cultures where the roles of women are perceived as less worthy than those of the men.  Would it help to have men exchange roles and see how they cope with being a women?

Understanding, empathy and remorse are the first steps in changing these sorts of behaviours.


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