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Walking bus routes - women taking back the neighbourhood

I was inspired when I saw a "walking bus" today with school children. Can we apply this idea to a women's walking route, where women can feel more secure knowing another woman will come along shortly if help is needed? When more women use these routes, even more women will feel secure in using these routes. As well, by women making their appeance be known in their neighbourhood, it becomes something the neighbourhood accepts to be common and normal. When I planned a solo hiking trip, I picked a route that I knew was popular with hikers. So in the worst case scenario of becoming injured, I knew another person pass by within hours, and would be able to help me.

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How can these walking routes be determined? Through community meetings? Can technology be used to track these routes? Can they be combined with bus routes? Interviews with women about the routes they currently take, and where they need to go on a daily basis? Could it be combined with a bike share system even?


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