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Using Successful Businesses for Help

When partnering up with a Fortune 500 company, usually these companies bring a huge impact to society but also they benefit themselves. This is where we see the social entrepreneurs side of such businesses in where they pursue innovative ideas to come with a solution for a social problem. When look at Intel, we see that they adopt a mission to change the world of computers but when looking at the social entrepreneur side we see that they use a mission to create social value. Intel for the month of March is rising a campaign for “girls’ education” in where they want to educate girls but also to change the world with the resources they provide.

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This is a movement of Intel to “Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month” by giving the less unfortunate access of technology, education, learning programs and scholarships to help girls to excel in their education and personal growth. Though Intel cannot do this on their own, usually by partnering up with an influential organization, it helps them promote a solution for a social problem. In the website, we see that Intel has a target in where they want to increase “education, productivity, literacy, technology empowerment and coding programs.” By having these targets of where they want to provide their awareness and solution, we see that Intel is not just a for profit business but a business that wants to help provide opportunities for others.
I believe that by using a Fortune 500 Company to provide a campaign to help women to empower them and to bring safety into low-income urban areas is a good way to bring change. If we had a powerful message to influence half of the Fortune 500 Companies we can bring a lot of change in these low-income urban areas but also providing an education for women. By using this similar model, we can see many businesses that it is not about for profit growth but to bring a social change. Usually this is a circle, if a business helps society it will help them pump better business and they are viewed different from the competition. If we want to come a solution, we should encourage these businesses that have an excess amount of cash flows to help us to bring a change for these women in need. Overall, by getting the help from these businesses, we can come with a successful but a faster way to help women in low-income communities to be safe but to empower them that they have the ability to achieve anything.

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Also interesting to note corporates making strides to protect their female workers: Makes me wonder whether this puts subtle pressure on the authorities that this is an important issue?

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Hello Meena, I do believe that it does put pressure on the authorities that this an important issue they should work on. Sometimes the authorities overlook the major problem and care more about economic development even though the source of the lack of the economy might be on the safety of people. That is why I believe that when a corporation such as Intel tries to strive to make a change, the government can see that they are lacking in the ability for that change. In some scenarios, usually a business makes a bigger impact in a society because it provides security for the people around and caring more than the government.